Hook up wood stove to furnace

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I don't know about MN, but if it was me, I'd seed my own lawn and run from the wood stove. It's a liability issue. Thats how I heat my house.

Load firebox, when stove temp. One contact starts wood stove blower mtr. The other starts furnace blower.

Tie wood stove duct to system return air. My blowers run low speed, almost constantly. Keep the beast fed, results in NO L. If fire dies out, blowers stop. I'm on year 23 with my Good Luck, stay safe out there bros' I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but compared to some I'm a razor I know there's liability issues with this as with everything we do, but I'm not trying to reinvent the wheel he has been using it for 10 years and is designed with a blower.

We have piped supply to supply and enclosed blower on stove and piped that into supply and start both fans, furnace blower will carry the heat out. Sounds dumb, I thought my boss was dumb for having me do it but it worked. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. I'm not sure of the laws where you are it's illegal here and it's even stated in most install manuals that they are NOT certified for use with ducting.

Wood stove to duct work

Legal or not it's a bad idea to connect any kind of ductwork to a wood stove. You can create a negative pressure around the stove and cause poor drafting or back drafting into the house. I'm pretty sure the OP is referencing a ducted, forced-air woodstove such as this one: Join Date Aug Location S. Place the collar end up to the plenum.

Trace the outside diameter onto the sheet metal with a marker. Pierce a hole into the plenum with your awl, on the line that was drawn. Insert a tin snips into this hole and cut out the hole. Pull the top off the plenum. It might be held on by sheet metal screws, which will need to be unscrewed first.

Wood stove to duct work

Push the starting collar into the hole. Reach inside the plenum and bend the tabs on the collar over.

This will hold the collar in place. Attach duct work up to your inline stove fan. Secure the duct work together by screwing in 1-inch, self-tapping sheet metal screws where the seams meet. Stop hovering to collapse Im attaching a link to the furnace I'm installing.

It should give all the details on it. I'm not sure on the duct work and what its safe for.

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The house was built in I don't know if that could help you pinpoint what duct work may be ran through the house. The duct work is like a compressed insulation with about 1 inch thick walls and its about 6 inches tall and about 15 inches wide. First of all, I'm nowhere near as educated on this stuff as some others on this forum. Having said that, I'm currently in the process of doing the same thing and here's how I'm going about things.

I'm going to use a single gravity damper and a single powered damper to keep the two furnaces from back feeding each other and to also keep the ductwork open in case of a power failure to allow the wood furnace to gravity flow the hot air up to keep from damaging the wood furnace. See below for crude sketch.

attaching wood furnace to current duct?

I also have it wired so that the LP system can't turn on while the wood furnace is active. This will keep the powered damper from closing when you don't want it to. This circuit is only energized when the fan is on, in both heat and AC mode.

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