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The winner of the situation is Jared Pobre. He was friends with Keibler for several years and Pobre was there to successfully break out of the friend zone and land himself Stacy Keibler for a wife! Keibler and Pobre had a child in David Flair is married as well and sometimes appears in the background of pictures which feature his more famous and talented father and sister. Matt Hardy has a thing for edgy women. He was with Lita and now he is with the feisty, Reby Sky.

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For a brief period, he was also with Ashley Massaro. The couple dated during Massaro's short-lived run with the company. Massaro was discovered in the Diva Search but would be gone from the company in Her 8-year-old daughter was sick at the time and Massaro requested her release so she could care for her.

There was said to have been heat between London and Hardy as a result. Wilson ended up dating Nick Mitchell from the Spirit Squad but would later end up in a public relationship with baseball player, Alex Rodriguez. Wilson and A-Rod broke up in after being together for four years. She now runs her own fitness website. Kidman's still with the WWE working the gorilla position allotting the times needed for matches and segments.

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The two began dating in and broke up in They still carried on some type of friendship or relationship after they broke up, however. According to Waltman, Triple H gave him a heavy warning about Chyna. He wouldn't go into any further details than that, other than just to say Triple H gave him a stern word of caution before they went out. Waltman would also say he regrets leaking an intimate tape involving he and Chyna. Carmella and Big Cass are no longer dating.

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They started dating when both were in the company's developmental program. In fact, Carmella used to be the third member of the Enzo and Big Cass duo. She may have felt upset to not be included with the team when they were called up to the main roster in Carmella was called up a few months later but would debut on SmackDown as opposed to Raw where Big Cass and Enzo were. She would blaze her own path, however, winning the first ever Women's Money in the Bank match and then later defeating Charlotte Flair for the Women's Title.

In an interview she gave this January, Carmella revealed she and Big Cass bought a house together but their relationship began to deteriorate after that. It's hard to decipher when Ziggler stopped or started dating Brooke or any of his other former love interests. He seems to maintain good relationships with all of them after and never has heat with their current boyfriends. How is this not his wrestling gimmick?

Dolph Ziggler could be a new and arguably improved version of Ravishing Rick Rude. Dana Brooke would later date bodybuilder, Dallas McCarver but tragedy struck last year. McCarver passed away last summer. While it was originally reported he choked on food, a later autopsy would show he passed away of a cardiac event.

Sunny admitted in a Twitter exchange that she dated Impact Wrestling's Davey Richards for about a year. Richards was briefly married to Angelina Love. They got married in , had a kid in , then wrapped up their three-year relationship by getting divorced in It's not clear if Davey Richards is ever coming back to wrestling. He stated last November he was taking the year off to focus on his studies. Richards has also burned quite a few bridges in the wrestling business.

He has publicly berated Ring of Honor to such a degree that it might make other promotions hesitant to sign him. As for Sunny, she's still being Sunny. A few DUIs here and a few scandalous shoot interviews there.

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dating wrestling fans Dating wrestling fans
dating wrestling fans Dating wrestling fans
dating wrestling fans Dating wrestling fans
dating wrestling fans Dating wrestling fans
dating wrestling fans Dating wrestling fans
dating wrestling fans Dating wrestling fans

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