Dating lecoultre atmos clock

Lecoultre atmos clock dating

There was no engraving, but some wear on the finish, and the rear cover was not on straight. It had been repaired in paper sticker on back , so I was concerned it had been pieced together because the numbers didn't match.

Not knowing it's operating condition, I let it go. Now I wish I had gone higher. Clock had belonged to a famous local business family, George Koch and Sons. I believe the clock belonged to Malcolm.

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The date would be significant. Andy, thanks for the info on the Koch family. I was kind of hoping they owned a company known as Koch Industries, which was based in Wichita Kansas and that I worked with on several chemical fertilizer projects in the 's I was working for the company that contracted them to do the engineering and design. I did some Google surfing and it seems the two aren't related but have a lot of parallel interests, both have worldwide operations.

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Jul 28, 3 0 0. John, others, I also have what seems to be an early Reutter model, and would appreciate your help in getting more details if possible. It's been "with the family" for many years, but I just received it back from cleaning and repairing. Now it looks "as new" The back of the movement has a Reutter plate and a serial number: In the base of the case there is another number: I would gladly add a photo, but all my attempts to upload it have failed!

Best from sunny Madrid, -Enrique. Enrique, from the serial number your clock definitely appears to be a Reutter Atmos mercury motor. If you still have problems uploading your photos, please forward them by email to me at pastimes at juno.

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The serial number indicates your clock was made toward the end of It will more than likely have a LeCoultre Calibre 30"A movement that will have its own lower serial number. If your clock has a solid dial with no opening to the front, then you will only be able to see that number by removing the dial not recommended unless you have experience working with Atmos clocks or by using a dentist mirror and a good flashlight.

Let us know what you have and we can provide a method to see the number.

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  • The photos should be in your mailbox now. Yes, it definitely is a Reutter model - and it definitely has a mercury motor. BTW, the Jaeger-leCoultre documentation Guarantee certificate that they "added" after cleaning and repairing says: RC2", if that makes any sense to you. And yes, it does have a solid dial, as you will see in the pictures.

    It is wonderful Best from sunny and hot Madrid, -Enrique. To all, here are the photos of Enrique's beautiful Reutter Atmos. My info is based on two partial copies of Reutter catalogs, one from and one from In the catalog is a picture if a RB1, which is the taller version of the RB2. Enrique's clock looks like a short version of the RB1. One of these days I'll acquire a set of complete Reutter catalogs and hopefully that will resolve the question.

    Enrique's clock was made in 4th quarter based on the serial number, and it "should" have a LeCoultre Calibre 30"A movement with its own unique serial number. Hopefully he can obtain this for us and post it here. John, Thanks for posting my pictures!

    I've been looking with a dental mirror, as you suggested, and so far the only number I've found is a very clear " 57 ". In other words, it is to just to the right of the hole thru which the pendulum rod leaves the movement "case". But that can't be it, can it? Do I look for other numbers? These are the same for the counterparts worn by Royal Navy officers and senior rates. It consisted of a blue double-breasted tailcoat with eight gold buttons worn with blue trousers with gold lace down the side, bicorn hat, sword belt and sword with scabbard, and gold epaulettes gold scales were worn by sub-lieutenants and neither epaulettes nor scales were worn by warrant officers.

    Lecoultre atmos clock dating sim was placed in abeyance i. It was restricted between the world wars to court levees. On all other ceremonial occasions, Frock Coat with epaulettes was prescribed. A version of Royal Navy Full Dress, complete with epaulettes and cocked hat, is still worn by the Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports, but the current incumbent Lord Boyce wears his Royal Navy ceremonial day coat in lieu of this. Frock Coat Dress Edit. This enabled longer lapels to be incorporated, reflecting civilian fashions of the time.

    A modified version of this uniform is still worn; usually with peaked cap and without epaulettes, by the Master and Elder Dating you quotes of Trinity House. This page contains a comprehensive collection of information related to recordings by the Scottish hard rock band, Nazareth. A Residential Building from the Time of Jesus. The remains of a building dating lecoultre atmos clock dating sim the Early Roman period First and Second centuries CE were discovered in an archaeological excavation of the Israel Antiquities Authority near the Church of the Annunciation in Nazareth.

    Early Atmos serial numbers?

    An archaeological excavation recently conducted by the Israel Antiquities Authority has revealed new information about ancient Nazareth from the time of Jesus. According to the New Testament, Mary, mother of Jesus, lived in Nazareth together lecoultre atmos clock dating sim her husband Joseph. The New Testament mentions that Jesus himself grew up in Nazareth.

    It was built atop the remains of three earlier churches, the oldest of which dating to the Byzantine period Fourth century CE. In light of the new plans to build there, the Israel Lecoultre atmos clock dating sim Authority, the pre-eminent organization in the fields of Biblical and Israeli archaeology, recently undertook a small archaeological excavation close to the church, which resulted in the exposure of the residential structure.

    Dating of two Atmos clocks

    The building that we found is small and modest and it is most likely typical of the dwellings in Nazareth in that period. From the few written sources, we know that in the First century CE Nazareth was a small Jewish village, located inside a valley. This earlier building consisted of two rooms and a courtyard with a rock-hewn water cistern.

    The artifacts recovered from inside the building were few and included af akhir online dating of pottery vessels from the Early Roman period First and Second centuries CE. In addition, several fragments of chalk vessels were found. Such vessels were used only by Jews during this period because they were not susceptible to becoming ritually unclean.

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