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Some variants have changed from one code to another over time. These codes are sometimes mistakenly used as a model designation. One can find the codes in VINs ie.

The type designations were used to define all models prior to With the introduction of the model names in , the system is still in use on all vehicles, but is more for internal use. In most cases it can be found on the plate inside the bus where one find the VIN. Low-floor chassis variants are offered for external bodywork by local bodywork manufacturers. Most are bodied in the local manufacturer's own styling, but some are licensed to replicate the Lion's City bodywork, usually in markets where MAN don't sell the integral variants.

Gemilang Coachworks in Malaysia replicate the whole bodywork for their buses sold in Asia Pacific market, including the Lion's City Hybrid bodywork mounted on conventional diesel chassis. A total number of 27 chassis were built between and The bus remained unique in Kowloon Motor Bus fleet. In , a Currently, a refreshed design based on the concept is being adopted on the newer buses. In addition, the Australian market buses feature a different rear end design as compared to those sold in other markets.

These 60 units contain the same specifications as previous units ordered by SMRT Buses, with the exception of the tree-guard and the last 10 units being equipped with USB ports to enable charging of mobile devices. The Volvo B10B was a rear-engined step deck single-decker bus chassis manufactured by Volvo between and The first prototype were built in , but the B10B wasn't launched until the Geneva Motor Show. For stage use it was gradually succeeded by the low-entry B10BLE, which was introduced only a year later, though not in all markets.

For interurban use the B7R came as a gradual replacement in , and ultimately for coach work, the B12B took over in Irisbus Europolis is an integrally-constructed low-floor midibus model with 49 passengers produced by Irisbus now known as Iveco Bus. The Isuzu Erga Mio kana: It is built by J-Bus from Japan either as an integral bus or a bus chassis.

London Transport Central Area single-deck routes

It can only have 1 doo An articulated model, known as the Volvo B9LA, is also available. The engine is mounted vertically on the rear left overhang of the chassis similarly to with the B7L, allowing B9Ls to be low-floor throughout the whole length of the bus due to a lack of underfloor equipment. The Plaxton Paragon and Plaxton Panther are closely related designs of coach bodywork built by Plaxton in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England, since ,[1] and still in production as of The Paragon and Panther replaced the Premiere and Excalibur respectively, with the Paragon being the standard and the Panther the premium specification coach.

Externally, the main distinguishing feature between the two models is the front end, which is more upright on the Paragon, although the difference is not as pronounced as that between the Premiere and Excalibur. One important new feature of the designs was the use of a stainless steel structure, to resist corrosion and prolong vehicle life expectancy. It shares some of the external design with th The name had previously been used between and for another single-decker bus chassis. It was introduced in , with the second generation introduced in , followed by the third generation in and the fourth generation in late The third generation Coaster received a facelift in , and again in In Japan, the Coaster is sold exclusively at Toyota Store dealerships.

History Interior The Toyota Coaster was introduced in as a passenger minibus using the same running gear as the Toyota The Guy Arab was a bus chassis manufactured by Guy Motors. It was introduced in as a double deck chasis. Over 2, were built during the war years. Guy Buses in Camera.

It was a or passenger Parlor-series highway coach and was an improved version of the earlier PD "transition" model. A total of were built,[1] in and in , plus one that was converted by GMC from a PD In order to answer complaints from arch com K9 has a meter body length and ton weight with one-step low-floor interior.

It was also available as a chassis for external bodywork. One to date has been retro-fitted with an Allison World Series BR4 transmission, creating a largely noticeable increase in performance against similar examples with the three-speed Voith DIWA transmission. The internal combustion engines used in the SL were replaced around , from older, smaller, series engines to newer, larger, series engines. The Neoplan Transliner was a series of related public transport single-decker bus models introduced by Neoplan USA in Models The Transliner was available in a wide variety of body styles. The Transliners could be ordered in 26', 30', 35', 40', and 60' lengths.

Standard high , completely low, or semi-low with steps to access the rear section after the rear doors floors were available. NeoPlan offered a variety of engines, both diesel and CNG fueled. Walter Alexander Coachbuilders[1] was a Scottish builder of bus and coach bodywork based in Falkirk. The company was formed in to continue the coachbuilding activities of W. After several mergers and changes of ownership it now forms part of Alexander Dennis. Walter Alexander decided to sell his business to the SMT group in , and through this action, received access to a vast supply of resources and services.

In , in anticipation of the newly elected Labour Government's nationalisation of the SMT group's The range was only available in a public bus configuration, can be either built as an integral bus or a bus chassis. Suspension Suspension on both models is by leaf springs front and rear, with shock absorbers on the front only. Bodywork was supplied by Strachans Coachwork prototypes o Look up Olympian in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Olympian or Olympians may refer to: The Ford Transit Bus was a medium-duty transit bus produced by Ford from to The engine was originally placed at the front, but a rear-engine version replaced the original design in After DSR placed an order for , Ford began series production, and deliveries began on November 27, which Ford considered to be within its "" model year.

The Alexander Y Type was a long-running design of single-decker bus and single-decker intercity bus bodywork built by Walter Alexander Coachbuilders in Falkirk, Scotland. It was built on a wide range of chassis between and A small number were built at Alexander's Belfast subsidiary. On 11 February , a six month-trial was permitted and the bus was redeployed to the Ang Mo Kio Depot. A22 or A is a three-character acronym that may refer to: Martin Company Aero A.

The vehicle was already on the road in Bydgoszcz and Gliwice, where various driving tests occurred, the photograph shoots had been in Olsztyn. In the first two prototypes. In the first half of there were meant to be 10 prototypes which would have undergone extensive tests and crash exploitation tests the amount of them built is not known. The series production began in the second half of the year.

The production line is able to produce buses per year, 70 of them would stay in Poland. The prototypes undergone extensive tests on the Tatra It mainly operates bus routes on Lantau Island. History NLB was formed in through the merger of three bus companies operated by residents of Lantau Island, and became the third franchised bus company on 1 April All four transport operators are thus associated.

NLB's franchise was extended on 1 April to run until 31 March It was extended again until 1 March During that time when there were no major towns on Lantau Island, most of the company's routes a Electric motor is located in the rear of the bus. Plastic Ster seats are used inside. Only rear axle is driven. Body of the vehicle is welded from steel-voltage profiles, flashings from the outside and interior are lined with plastic sheeting.

On the right side of the bus, there are four passenger doors first is narrower than the other doors. Production and operation Production started in The Volvo B10L was a rear-engined, low-floor single-decker public bus chassis built by Volvo between c. Note this bus is now converted to run of diesel and is a driver-trainer.

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The Wright bodywork proved slightly more popular. The Plaxton Leopard is a coach bodywork manufactured by Plaxton. It was introduced in October as a replacement for the Plaxton Profile. A New Routemaster double-decker bus, operating for Arriva London on London Buses route 73 A Toronto Transit Commission bus system trolleybus in Toronto A bus archaically also omnibus,[1] multibus, motorbus, autobus is a road vehicle designed to carry many passengers.

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Buses can have a capacity as high as passengers. Many types of buses, such as city transit buses and inter-city coaches, charge a fare. Other types, such as elementary or secondary school buses or shuttle buses within a post-secondary education campus do not charge a fare. In many jurisdictions, bus drivers require a special licence above and beyond a regular driver's licence.

Types of buses

Buses may be used for scheduled bus transport, scheduled coach transport, school transport, private hire, or tourism; promotional buses m The Isuzu Gala Mio kana: It is also available as the intercity coach only. Isuzu Gala Mio Homepage Look up prestige in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Wikiquote has quotations related to: Some of the buses introduced this year have been operating on Routes 53 and , which are mainly bus routes in the New Territories. In addition, KMB will arrange for new single-deck buses to operate on routes which do not have sufficient passenger demand to justify the use of double-deck buses. As part of its route development programme this year, KMB has submitted proposals on the deployment of single-deck buses to relevant District Councils for consultation, and the implementation of the proposals will be subject to the approval of the Transport Department.

Ho added, "Single-deck buses account for 3.

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Although we expect that double-deck buses will continue to constitute the majority of our bus fleet in future, KMB will purchase more single-deck buses to reflect the market situation, resulting in a more diversified bus fleet for flexible deployment. We will also continue to review the purchase and deployment of buses to tie in with our route development plans.

The major difference between new and old single-deck buses is the addition of barrier-free facilities, including a wheelchair ramp at the entrance and the function which enables the entrance floor height to be lowered by mm, enabling passengers, the elderly and wheelchair users in particular, to access the bus more easily.

The super-low floor of new single-deck buses offers a wheelchair position, a wide gangway and a flat floor, making it step-free from entrance to exit. Compared with older single-deck buses without super-low floor or rear exit, the new single-deck buses hold a significant advantage in terms of reducing boarding and alighting time.

In addition, the height of the saloon of new single-deck buses is 2.

man single deck bus Man single deck bus
man single deck bus Man single deck bus
man single deck bus Man single deck bus
man single deck bus Man single deck bus
man single deck bus Man single deck bus

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