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A reality show following the crew of the Ionian Princess, a luxury charter yacht in the Mediterranean. The property market in South Florida is at a record high, and these luxury real estate agents are cashing in on the boom. Another installment of Bravo's "The Real Housewives" reality show.

In this series, they focus on housewives living in New Jersey. Bravo network executive Andy Cohen discusses pop culture topics with celebrities and reality show personalities. A fast-paced reality show that follows several incredibly busy and ambitious Manhattan women. Watch as they balance envious social calendars, challenging careers, and motherhood, with the hustle and bustle of the big city all around. Follows a group of affluent young Persian-American friends who juggle their flamboyant, fast-paced L.

Just when America's favorite house flipper thinks his life could not be any more chaotic, Jeff Lewis embarks on the most unpredictable challenge yet - fatherhood. Carson Kressley and Thom Filicia are here to help fight the uniformity and ubiquity of American home design.

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Thom takes Carson under his wing to teach him interior design by channeling Follows some of Manhattan's most relentless realtors as they close multimillion dollar deals faster than a yellow cab runs a red light. House Hunters on steroids I watch mostly to see the fabulous NYC condos and town homes on offer to the rich and overly particular not that I blame them at these prices. Unfortunately, we don't see enough of the properties. Three sleek, polished young men who are top Manhattan realtors raking in millions, apparently still don't have enough and have sold themselves to the Bravo network for even more money.

At least two have had acting experience, which is helpful to them, since nearly every scene is clearly scripted and probably has little to do with reality. The problem is, their "supporting players" - developers, brokers, clients, etc. Others seem to relish the idea of hamming it up with gusto on television. There's plenty of drama, of course, as we are brought reluctantly on my part into the realtors' personal lives and relationships. This offers lots of opportunity for angst, manufactured and otherwise, and terribly moving moments of Self-Discovery and Self-Actualization I confess that despite my cynicism, I'm addicted to this show and its glowing tribute to narcissism.

And yep, I'll be back for the new season when our three heroes return rested, freshly botoxed, and ready to perform for the cameras again. I recommend this show for those who enjoy this kind of thing - and know how to take it with a BIG grain of salt. Explore popular and recently added TV series available to stream now with Prime Video. Start your free trial. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. Can Ben Barnes Fix Thanos? What I've seen lately. But I agree, he really has lost it mentally Choosing to make that effort on a daily basis is not something that we always remember. We aimed to create something beautiful and elegant that we could wear everyday and would remind us of just that. This bracelet is made of sterling silver and comes in silver, black, rose and gold colors.

Something is wrong with this picture R77, not THAT much! And besides, he's blowing through whatever "savings" he DOES have awfully fast! How does he support his life in Paris? Luis might have family money, or a rich boyfriend, some savings from his real estate and crying career, perhaps a rich older Parisian woman who wants a marriage blanc, or most likely, he is a drug mule. R87, I work in real estate and heard Luis was not doing well towards the end.

Regardless, the whole thing with him being in Paris is ridiculous and makes no sense. His assistant Ronita had it right Luis is just running from himself. R91, yes in NYC. I've met all of them. And my money is on a gay boyfriend supporting Luis. He is selling bracelets as a cover. Luis did not make enough money as a realtor to move to Paris and live a luxury lifestyle.

You don't just do that out of the blue. Maybe when you're over 40 and have a lot of money saved up, but Luis was just starting out. Also, it's hard to save up a lot of money when you live in pricey Manhattan. Think about it, the only way any of us would leave everything and move to another country is if we fell in love. R88, good find on Steve! Why go out of his way to put justafriend on one of the ONLY pictures he has up with a girl?! I think between this, and the clip on the trailer of him saying he "can't find a girl" to be with in NYC, the picture is really falling into place It's not like Luis had some long ass real estate career where he made a killing and saved over time.

Ryan Serhant can’t dig up $15K for sex discrimination suit | Page Six

Like you said, living in Manhattan is expensive as was his wardrobe and luxury car that he randomly bought. He has to be sponsored in some way and a wealthy boyfriend sounds the most plausible reason for the fast exit and the luxury lifestyle abroad. Yes his is a big Jew and who cares; Steve is a certified stud. I was sick of this show and stopped watching a couple years back, but might tune in for some shameless skin shots from Gold. Ryan is hot too - but his mega-douche bullshit just became grating over time. Every show makes it pretty clear how much commission they get for their sales - and this is only a small fraction.

Luis was making million a year, easily. If properly managed, you can retire after doing that for a number of years, depending on how you spend and how you intend to spend. All of their sales are ranked publicly so it's not hard to extrapolate, though it does get confusing with them being on teams and so on. Frederik is loaded beyond belief He could retire tomorrow.

I just saw Luis on one of those random 5 am shows that do home previews. He had some very expensive listing in NYC and has many listings online at the link. He's also coming back later in the season. He never lost his license or his connections. It seems like he just didn't feel like being on the show anymore. I am surprised that people on here didn't find him annoying. The new guy is much more laid back and far less full of weird quirks.

The show was much easier to watch without him this week. Gold looks like half the guys I went to high school with. He's got a great body. Not sure about the modeling career--was he an actual model? Or a sales exec at a fashion company who did a little "modeling" on the side? Reading tea leaves on his Insta, he seems to have fallen in with a more E-trashy crowd when he was dating a Brazilian woman a few years back. But typical straight "bro" with more connections than money, trying to be a player and making what's left of a pretty stale NYC night life scene.

I looked him up - he was a bonafide model from what I can tell. He's a super attractive guy. Seems a little nervous and self-conscious in the clips I've seen of him. Like he's trying super hard to be a cool player but can't quite pull it off. I agree with the above poster who said he could retire tomorrow, because he really could.

But he won't because he has to keep Derek in the lifestyle he's grown accustomed to! A part of me feels so free to be able to speak my language after 3 straight months in Paris. He's probably manic depressant. He's currently in a manic phase with all the happiness talk. He'll be back to his crying spells in no time.

Luis is at the very least bipolar. First he quit his life in wherever the hell he's from and moved to the U. Where will he move to next? He's running from something. According to celebrity net worth ; Luis D. I know Louis had his fans here but him leaving will just mean I don't have to fast forward through his segments. Just watching the new season as we speak. Steve is so fucking hot, but he seems uncomfortable in his own skin.

I love how he keeps trying to be a player but he's actually too sweet for the cutthroat world he's in. Did anyone catch the bit in the trailer where Ryan is wearing yet ANOTHER girly face mask and having a temper tantrum in front of his "wife" and her sister?

There is no way that Fredirk is only worth 30 million,considering he's been at the top of his game for so many years and a nobody like Luis can come onto the scene and he's already worth 15 million. Luis is worth probably only 5 million. Don't forget, these cunts have to pay the taxman and they are taxed at higher rate. He is the worst! I would never trust him to help me buy or sell property. He was actually arguing with his clients, when they were asking legitimate questions.

He wanted to drop the price of their listing, but they had very solid concerns. What are you doing to sell the property?? Every time they asked him if he was doing enough on his end to sell the property, he evaded the question. And when he kept insisting - no, ARGUING - that his client was wrong, he then threatened to go above their heads, even though they were authorized by the seller to make the deal.

So basically, he didn't like that they said he was doing a shitty job, so he wanted to bypass them. But he WAS doing a shitty job! And don't even get me started on the fact that he wears that stupid vest to a showing in Manhattan. Talk about looking unprofessional. I was completely disgusted by that seller when he told Steve, "you have to think internationally. The Russians, the Chinese No other country in the world would ever allow foreigners to buy up all their land and property, except for the US and the UK.

And this is precisely the reason why Americans and British cannot afford to live and buy property in their own country - because these real estate creeps are more than willing to sell their country to the Russians and the Chinese. And this is precisely the reason why Americans and British cannot afford to live and buy property in their own country -. It looks like [bold]no one has even entered the house since it was sold.

A house worth 8 million dollars. People foreigners are just parking their money. The buyer never even came to see the house. Sent someone along for him. The shitholes I've been looking at. Americans are sold a bill of goods that if they work hard and earn an honest living, that they will be rewarded for it. Not in real estate, honey. You can work as hard as you want and save all you can, but all it takes is one Russian or Chinese with their dirty money, to come in and outbid you Celebrity net worth sites are a joke- I can't believe people act like they are even remotely accurate.

Elijah splits his time between Cher's and the house she bought him in Beverly Hills. He's not worth 15 cents. Make that washed up models, former gay porn stars, and mooching gold-digging starving artists are reaping the benefits of selling our country out to the highest bidder. R Exactly those net worth sites are a joke! Especially when it comes to reality stars. Is this a safe space? Steve Gold gave himself away at least twice in this episode One, did anyone catch the scene between him and his hot driver?! OMG the sexual tension was SO obvious between these two.

And two, the pink scarf around his neck was a total sign he's one of us. I watched one episode of this show on Monday. I'd never seen Ryan or Steve before. The one who really strikes me as gay is Ryan. He has gay hands and gay voice, leading me to suspect gay brain, gay dong, and most of all, gay hole. Steve, I can't tell. He's just incredibly beautiful. I want to die with him inside me, as I lie on his chest.

He's been on this show for about five seasons now. He has opened up and shown much more of his personality than he did in earlier seasons, and the more I get to know him, the more he just comes across as a goofy dork. So no, I don't think that he's gay. I think he's just a big, shy nerd. The silly personality is just an act. R, I totally agree! Steve is certainly the "straightest" one of the lot, but with this group that's not saying much. But everything about Ryan is gay.

Did anyone see Steve's get-up on his way to the gym on tonight's episode? Let's just say it put any questions about his sexuality to bed! Steve is just beautiful. Although I think he looks better with his hair down rather than pulled back. It makes his nose look bigger when he's got it pulled back. I care more about Fredrik'd silly mannerism than whether Ryan is gay. Come on, this is , who cares if Ryan is in the closet on the show? It has varied, r Season 1 there were 9 episodes.

I even think he's deliberately grown a beard to add to the pun R, it's Fredrik's husband, not boyfriend. Steve's driver is named Bradley Cooper. Maybe they have something going on? R, I caught that too! LOL I swear it's like the double entendres never end on this show!! I mean, who has a driver that looks like THAT?! I don't find Steve attractive at all.

I'd much rather look at a muscular black stud with no body hair! Bethenny had a photo of Steve on her phone that she said showed his cock. When can we see that? I'd love to know that too, r While Steve isn't drop dead gorgeous he's definitely nice looking. But more than that he just has that certain something that makes him attractive. It's not always about physical looks when it comes to men. It's just something about their overall vibe. Like they're 1 of the cool kids. I'd put Steve in that cateory in my opionin anyway. Steves hot, will soon fade. Jewish people age horribly.

You need a mixture of say hot black genes and those german ohio middle american genes to age well. I had three friends who were mixtures of black and german. Now we see ads for the area as SoHo West. I literally only watch this show to perv on Steve. But every time he speaks, my dick goes soft. He's a big ol dork underneath, trying hard to be a cool player. Side on, he's got a slight hunch back. Other than that, this show is a boring pile of contrived horse shit that confirms what everyone already knows: I wonder whether he puts that much product in his hair normally, or whether that's the show's doing.

Has anyone noticed that Ryan's beard has barely been on this season? And of course I don't mean the beard on his face, I mean the one he's "married" to!

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I didn't think it was right what that 1 seller did to Steve, asking him to cancel the open house at the last minute. I mean, I understand the guy was exhausted. But couldn't he have gone and crashed at a friend's house or something just while the open house was going on?

If Steve had to cancel on those people it wouldn't make him look good. So I was glad when he walked out on the guy. So far this season the sellers haven't been making it easy for Steve to do his job. They've been very uncooperative. He has a job to do so let him do it. Its hard to believe that those tiny, dark one bedrooms in London Terrace Towers are now selling in the 1M range.

I've known a lot of people who've lived in the building and apart from the gym and pool I've never liked the place. Tim Gunn and Debbie Harry live In the building. I've run into Annie Leibowitz a few times in the elevator when visiting friends. I live in los angeles and people especially high queen decorators license to steal from bored housewives who all the rich husbands want is a babysitter homo for their wife. First of all, did anyone see Steve's "date"? It was SO incredibly phony that it was ridiculous.

She was twice his age with more plastic surgery done to her face than Michael Jackson!!! Their "girlfriend" is always "out of town. But to top it off, was Fredrik's assistant, Jordan. He was shown getting ready to allegedly go on a "date" with a WOMAN despite the fact that he is flaming gay!! This season is clearly no exception.

R, yes it was!!! LOL That was Derek's "art work. Also, did anyone catch how Jordan was saying he "didn't remember" the name of the alleged "woman" he was going to meet?! I was just baffled that they would actually go out of their way to put a scene like this in.

It's SO unnecessary, yet it's almost as if they sat around going It's obvious something is going on between those two. And R, Jordan straight?! You must be joking Another photo of Derek's "studio" for R Steve's "date" seemed to be there for entertainment value, which actually made me feel bad for the women who was being made fun of. Meanwhile check his chemistry not just with the driver but also with the "friend" in Chelsea whose apartment he sold after they had their queeny tiff. I even think the fact that his driver's name is Bradley Cooper another world renowned closet case!

Steven Gold is better to look at than Luis, but I get the sense that Steven is attempting to act, and it is just coming off as weird. Wish he would just be himself because whatever he is doing isn't acting or being himself. Why does it seem like the sellers give Steve especially a hard time? It just seems like they don't make his job easy for him. Always doing something to fuck him up so he can't do his job to the best of his abilities.

Also count me in on those who think he and his driver Bradley Cooper have or had something going on. Probably just fucking, nothing more. But still what imagery! All their sellers are assholes, R, not just Steve's. They really don't make it easy on any of them. But I guess that's what they get the big bucks for. Yes but that's the whole point R NO straight man would want that woman!! That's why they picked her, instead of one of the thousands of beautiful women in NYC to set him up on a date with!! It reminds me of when they bearded Ryan with one of the "Real Housewives" hags from Bravo a few years before the ruse with Emilia started!

Million Dollar Listing: New York - Season 6

It feels like he's trying to goad his former co-stars into spilling the beans about what's really going on with him, i. The wedding in Greece - the whole schmear. It's too much to just be a front. R, I absolutely think Ryan is diabolical enough to go through all of that despite being gay! I even watched the whole sham wedding episodes last year So she not only provides the perfect cover for his sexuality, but she has lots of money too!

But if you've even watched one episode of the two of them, you see there is absolutely NO chemistry there. Any time they go to kiss they almost back away from one another. It's actually creepy to watch!! Go to her Instagram page sometime. She is as flat chested as a 5 year old boy!!! I saw someone write once that Emilia has a 40 year old's face and an 8 year old boy's body. To me, this is another dead give away about Ryan.

I'm beginning to think Ryan is posting here No one in their right mind would consider him "straight. Is a frau posting all this shit from their Instagram pages? Because they're acting like they believe what they're posting hook, line, and sinker! I really like this show, but Ryan never pinged to me. Maybe because I know other straight guys like him.

All this insistence on his bearding makes no sense. If he was gay, no one would care. Hell, Fredrick did porn and it hasn't hurt his career. Everything Ryan posts with his "wife" is sickeningly staged. You'd have to be an idiot not to see that! And R, I don't know a single straight guy who is like that. Perhaps you are confusing these men for "straight" too.

I really don't know. But even my 60 year old mother can tell Ryan is gay. R, you've never heard of gay men marrying women before? I wouldn't be surprised if they create a baby like Jimmy Fallon and his wife did, or Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake did! What planet are you guys on? I can't be the only one round here who thinks Emilia is absolutely adorable.

Such a feminine little thing. Like a doll - a pixie! It's a beautiful thing to see. R too for that matter! Wow, we're being inundated by fraus apparently! I think someone on here has a little crush on Ryan. That's why he can't bear to see him so in love with Emilia. Justin Timberlake and Bradley Cooper are sexy guys that appeal to straight women and their careers depend on it. Don't care about Fallon. Ryan is selling real estate, not a star. I don't know if you have ever heard of the word metrosexual, but look it up.

If you don't know any straight guys like him, God knows where you live. Their are tons in CA. Maybe not so much in the southern state trailer parks. Long story short, I know someone who knew a gay guy who's good also gay male! Suffice to say, everyone was shocked when he started bearding with her. You're forgetting that he WANTS to be a famous actor, and I honestly think he believes that coming out of the closet would hinder that.

Plus, some of these guys will literally DIE in the closet. Tom Cruise is a good example. I work in the real estate industry in NYC and can verify R's comments. It's a known fact that Ryan is gay and bearding. In fact, he's really become quite the laughing stock over it. Considering you ARE, R - your verification is really of no value. It just underlines your obsession with him. I am absolutely convinced that either Ryan himself or a friend of his has hijacked this thread to try to profess his "straightness.

Season after season of this contrived show has proven what a farce the whole thing is! And everyone but the fraus seem to get it. Okay, I get it! Ryan is a homo pretending to be straight for the cameras. Would you honestly date him if he's a grown ass man still in the closet? If Ryan thinks he's getting an acting career out of a show seen by relatively few people and be the next Leo, he's got more issues than being closeted.

Just because someone disagrees on something doesn't make them a Frau. I'm taken and he wouldn't be interested in me and the same on my end. But Ryan has higher acting ambitions. This is what everyone is forgetting. I didn't say he's the "same" as Leo DiCaprio. I just think Luis and Ryan are both gay, but one is far more diabolical than the other.

Luis is clearly an emotional wreck over being gay. Whereas Ryan is a more cold and calculating type, who found a rich woman probably lesbian to latch on to. But after all, this is Bravo. Also, for anyone who doubts me Ryan got saddled up with the beard right around the time he made his "acting debut" in that Ben Stiller movie a few years ago.

I don't think so. R, yes you're right! I've also mentioned the "symbolism" of his beard here too. Although I'm sure you'll be accused of posting as ME now that you brought it up! Remember the big mansion he was trying to sell in Brooklyn this season a few episodes back? Watch him walk up those steps and you tell me this man is straight!!!!! And the only reason I "care" is not because I "want" Ryan. As an openly gay man, it REALLY pisses me off that in this day and age someone as blatantly gay as him could actually take things this far All the staged pictures with Emilia It's really SICK to be honest!!!

Million Dollar Listing

Ryan and his "beard" are like sociopaths to put on THIS big of a charade. And I suppose that's why a some people think it's "real. Well, this is a case in point. R, but why does Andy Cohen play along with Ryan? I think Ryan just saw this show as an acting role and he decided to play the straight guy. But everyone at Bravo had to be in on it, too. Who cares about Ryan I want the scoop on Steve! Can anyone confirm that he's gay or straight or what? Or it's all just speculation?

R, I think they're ALL "in on it. If I remember correctly, a few years back Andy Cohen nearly "outed" Ryan when he was on his show by making a snide comment about his "love life" R, while Steve appears to be the straightest of this "lot," that still isn't saying MUCH as we've established. Although from what I've seen of him on the episodes so far this season, there were 2 major give-aways. And 2 The outfit he was wearing on his way to the gym that no straight man on the face of the earth would be caught dead in! Yet if you look closely, they're there. At least here in the LA area, lots of hipster guys are wearing scarves, multiple bracelets, etc.

Unless all LA men are gay. It's not so many fraus can see through the "running joke" even if Andy Cohen doesn't think they can. The guys are fun and nice to look at so many women just play along while some fraus think it's real. Bravo and Andy Cohen don't want all three of the guys to be out even though that would be kind of fun. R - She's a materialistic cunt. The way that she and her family treated him when they originally went to Greece to get married confirmed everything. He's in over his head and she's using him and her family sees him as an American joke.

Why is Fredrik's assistant Jordan suddenly pretending to be straight this season? When they said he'd just gotten divorced, I naturally assumed from a man. Then Fredrick talked about Jordan and the "lady pond". Until that recent gurl, the singer, whose world is SO gay, they had no choice. But when they did a show about the making of RHOB, you could see most of the people behind the scenes were gay too.

Seems odd that Bravo, as gay as it is, plays along with all these charades. It's Bravo and its executives that are pushing gays into the shadow. The women on the show don't dictate what happens. My jaw literally hit the floor when I heard this. Jordan is the gayest one of the bunch. But the "marriage" was "short lived" naturally! So fast forward to this season and here we go again!! I mean, how many women does Jordan have to marry before coming out of the closet? You'd think one would be enough.

But it's like there's an actual sickness involving so many of the people on this network. I've never seen anything like it. R just referenced this as well. And to the above posted who said Emilia is using Ryan So you figure it out!!! But I also detect a "mutual" using going on there R - Needless to say, I'm stunned that Jordan was every married to a woman.

I can only imagine every single person in the church that day must have had a serious case of the eye rolls. Ryan absolutely grew up poor. He came from a broken home and in general, a poor family. So you better believe that's ingrained in him!! His worst fear is being poor again and he said this over and over during the shambles of his "wedding mini series" with Emilia! It would almost be like Richard Simmons going on a dating show and making it like he's a pussy hound. Yet they just keep pushing the same agenda!!

I think that's because the execs think women wouldn't be really into those guys, R Therefore, they can do whatever they want. Remember the Hurricane Sandy episode when Ryan was stuck in the city and he had no friends or family to go to and I think his family refused to take his calls when he tried to call them? I wonder if half the reason he entered into that fake marriage is because his family had disowned him for being gay and a fake marriage was the only way to get them to tolerate him.

Notice last season he went back home to I think Boston and they were all high on the bro factor watching the Superbowl or whatever. You could be right R But the "execs" need to take a good long look at the "merchandise" they're pushing! And R, I agree! I can't imagine what a shambles that wedding must have been!!! Jordan is still young and his wife looked even younger by a little yes, I saw the pictures!!

This is the thing I have the hardest time believing!! And R, I really think you might be on to something. If you look at ALL of his pictures with Emilia, they are so incredibly staged. Normal married couples don't behave this way. Even Fredrik and Derek don't pose to this extent.

And naturally Derek is going nowhere because Freddie is footing the bill! And R, I remember watching the first season and Ryan's sister appeared in one episode. I remember her as being a business exec working in London and telling Ryan something like the kids in Ryan's family are expected to be successful. Ryan seemingly grew up with the mom and the brother.

But Ryan's bio dad had other kids. And didn't Ryan say when he met the bio dad that he showed him the finer things in life? So maybe mom was just middle class but I got the impression that bio dad's family was upper middle class.

I haven't seen the show in a while but I got the impression that Ryan just liked to keep his life private so that's why he mostly kept his family off screen. He was the only one where they didn't show the parents. And only 1 appearance each by a brother and a sister. As a viewer of the earlier seasons of the show, I just took it that Ryan was gay and didn't want to involve his family as much as Frederik because he was putting on such a fake persona.

Because then his relatives would have to start acting, too. I remember seeing an interview of the 3 guys during the 1st season of the show. Their guard was down and they were explaining that they didn't hate each other and they were just putting on the drama for the show. But this was before the show got big. R, I don't think Ryan has a sister.

At least there was no "sister" of his at his wedding, that's for sure! And it's funny because his brother is like a straight version of him!! None the less, Ryan is addicted to money and cannot go back to being poor. So he entered into this farce with Emilia.

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Her father is an extremely rich Greek shipping magnate, and her grandfather was one of the inventor's of Tylenol I already went into this topic at length in the season 5 thread, so go check that one if anyone wants the scoop! So suffice to say, she has serious family money that "attracted" Ryan. R, yes, anyone can plainly see that Ryan is gay. That was my whole point on this thread! It's just a fact of life. Same with male interior designers and hairstylists. R, Ryan was a completely different person during Season 1. And he does have a sister. I remember reading an interview.

If I remember correctly, I believe he is 1 of like 6 kids. Friends in Manhattan say that Steve is on Grindr continuously. They were all shocked that the show even bothered to try to paint him as straight, so now I'm kind of surprised that no one has blown his cover. If you look at Ryan's Wikipedia page there is no mention of his parents or siblings. I think he does this on purpose to maintain the persona he's trying to project. Though he was always the most guarded of the guys about his personal life, he was more open about family details in interviews when he first started on the show.

I think he has removed a lot of things from the Internet that clash with the persona he has built. Ryan is so damn hawt with his meaty thighs and his big dick he was going to make it in NYC one way or another. This is the video I'm talking about where Ryan, Frederik and Michael talk about the first season of the show. They let their guard down and Ryan and Frederik totally contradict their on-screen personas.

On camera, Ryan and Frederik hated each other and Ryan was supposed to be this huge womanizer. This is not something they would do today but I guess they were still new to doing a "reality" show and they didn't know any better. R, NOT surprised about Steve!!

Although, why go on Grindr when you've got your very own "Bradley Cooper"?! More shocking still, is that a female friend of mine saw Jordan on Tinder!!!!!!!! I almost died laughing! But then again, if he was actually willing to get married to a woman once, and is STILL trying to "date" women, clearly he has one of the worst cases of denial I've ever seen!

Again, it's like Richard Simmons trying to pretend to be a "womanizer. In the first season of the show, they had a boring married guy and a gay guy. They were supposed to have a woman on the show but they went with Ryan at the last minute. They wanted Ryan to play a straight guy so that each of the guys were different from each other and had a distinct persona.

R, the first season was Fredrik gay , Ryan gay , and Michael Lorber gay. It was a similar dynamic to the last several seasons with Luis and now Steve though. The rest just pretend to be straight to add variety. Although this routine is getting tiring. Why not just add a woman or a guy who actually IS straight?

I know it's hard to find here in NYC, but I have met a few. I remember reading that they liked Ryan better than the woman they had hired so they booted her from the show. It would be great if someone could "screen cap" Steve's Grindr profile and put it on here I'd love to see it!! But there is no question in my mind that he and "Bradley Cooper" are screwing!

And they were apparently so "exhausted" after the weekend This really seems to be the "calling card" for gay men. It's just ridiculous really R, and you know this HOW? Because it was pretty freaking obvious that these two were fucking just from last night's episode alone! A lot of gay men hide behind the "bros" facade, but it's fairly easy to see right through it! Luis is literally a basket case. Which is a shame because I've met him in person and he's a very good looking guy. If he wasn't so screwed up mentally over his sexuality and would just come out of the closet, he would be in a lot better mental shape than he is now.

Let that liar have it! Gossip boards are ruined by trash like him. Lots of guys ski that aren't couples, just like they do surf weekends. Steve's co-lister has been in the sun too long. Her skin looked ghastly and wearing a sleeveless dress that exposed her saggy biceps was disturbing. R She looked as if she were from the same Blonde Factory where they found Steve's "date" in the previous episode. What an anorexic mess.

R, I have a hard time believing anything YOU say because you are just a pathetic frau who decided to start posting here. Fine, believe all these clearly gay men are "straight. It's not that complex! The only thing that IS, is why Bravo is so insistent on pretending that these gay men are straight rather than just putting actual straight men on the show!

I think he did cut his hair, r as evidenced by this pic. Unless this isn't a recent pic of course. I still like the show, but the storylines this season seem particularly contrived. Frederik in church and Ryan's crazy clients. At least Steve is beautiful to look at. Plenty of people have "verified" what I said. I don't have to! You're the only person dumb enough to believe the rubbish that these men are straight!

I'm sure you're one of the pathetic fan gurls who troll Luis' Instagram, telling him he "just hasn't met the right girl yet"! Come to think of it, neither has Steve! He's too busy on Grindr apparently. Although the people who have seen him on there haven't "verified" it!! R, I didn't "do" anything. My friend in real estate literally knows someone he was having sex with yes, a man.

You're clearly desperate for Ryan to be straight for some reason. My only guess is that you ARE Ryan. It would make sense that he'd know about this message board, being that he's really gay! Go seek professional help!! But quit whining at me and everyone on here for pointing out the bleeding obvious, which is that the whole cast is gay!

I am into black men, as I've stated on other threads. I figured since you are the fucking Datalounge police, you'd already know that! But several of my friends work in real estate KNOW what is actually going on. That is how I had information on Jordan too. But believe whatever you wish.

Posting staged photos of Ryan and Emilia all day is not going to change anything though! R, None of my friends know Steve directly. Just Jordan and Ryan. And while I never could "confirm" Luis either, it was just obvious to anyone who was watching that he was crying over his sexuality. I actually feel sorry for him.

Because I did meet him once and he's a very attractive, sweet guy. Just an emotional wreck over his sexuality. Yes, you met Luis, lol. You insistence on Ryan being gay is sad. Bravo certainly doesn't care- they have 2 gay Realtors on the LA show. I'm not sure what is real or fake on this show, but I do believe that Ryan knows who his fanbase is and plays a certain role to keep his fanbase engaged and talking about him. How long has this series been on? And every season it is the same conversations about Ryan with the same gossip from the same sources who say they know him. I don't think anyone really knows anything about Ryan, except that he's well hung.

R, like I have the actual names and addresses of the men Ryan fucked! One, that Ryan fucked his way into this business. Including several male celebrities. Two, an older friend of mine who I trust and who has ZERO reason to lie or make anything up told me that his close friend also gay was hooking up with Ryan for a while he was actually the one with me when I was on here and wrote the bit about "verifying" what I said on my computer, since this is also such a huge issue for you! When Emilia entered the picture, everyone was shocked. So I actually have several sources, not just one.

His mannerisms are gay, his voice is gay, just everything about him screams GAY! I really don't want to keep beating this dead horse. If you want to insist his marriage with Emilia is real, so be it. But I will never believe it.

Taking My Wife To The Grammys - Ryan Serhant Vlog #005

And it has nothing to do with a "crush" on him. I actually prefer a more masculine type of man for the record! LOL Whereas he really seems like a "bottom" to me. I don't think Ryan is gay. I haven't made up my mind about Steve, but I'm leaning towards straight. The frau going berserk on here insisting Ryan is straight and his love for Emilia is the real thing sounds like someone who has a dog in this fight. The frau certainly posts like a crazy Greek. I don't think Luis is well. He looked different this week.

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