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The last task in the directions was to hookup the solenoid to the factory harness under the hood and hookup the button in the dash. Upon review and some research at some other sites I've learned that the base model 16 general doesn't have this wiring in the harness. I'm told there's a secret part number for this but my dealer doesn't have any idea nor has the Polaris help line gotten back to me 2 weeks and no return call. My dealer stated but that's the power wiring between the solenoid and battery posts under the hood.

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I don't really want to cut off the plugs and butt splice but if I do I would relocate the solenoid under the hood and rewire the system. Before I go down this road I'm hoping that one of you may have this secret part number? Welcome to the site and to General ownership Tictac!

RANGER® 570 & 500 Polaris® PRO HD Winch with Rapid Rope Recovery Install - Polaris Off-Road Vehicles

I cant help you with the part number but I'm sure somebody will jump in. I used the Super Winch Terra Battery mounting is where I got creative. I had an aluminum trolling motor plate that came off an aluminum boat I screwed the plate down and set the Deka etx30la batteries on top of a cut to fit truck mud flap.

How to install a winch on a polaris ranger

I used life jacket straps to secure the batteries. I have just enough clearance to close the hood. Over all it took a little time but was pretty simple.

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Its not as pretty and clean as the Polaris mount but it didn't cost either. I followed boilermakers diagram to hook up the battery tender But instead of splicing into the delta q power I ran the plug into the glove box and plug it in my extension cord when I charge.

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  • pyjepodizuvo.tk: POLARIS RANGER WINCH WIRING KIT Automotive.

Even though they are AGM; I would still install a battery mat under each to reduce vibration and mechanical shock. Consider running a strap right to left to reduce lateral movement and install something between them to cushion from each other. Spray those connections externally with some battery terminal protectant automotive. I'd also seriously consider some Thunderhawk upper fender guards and front fender guards. The external power port is a good idea. Another idea for keeping the battery terminals from corroding is to coat them with Vaseline or other brand petroleum jelly.

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I learned this from the guy who installed our solar system. You just use a small brush like a flux brush and spread a thin coat over the nut, stud and connector end. Be sure to get under these too.

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  5. Can Electric Winch be Wired to 2008 Polaris Sportsman 500 Using Prewired Winch Connections.
  6. How to install a winch on a polaris ranger 500.
  7. JackA is online now. I like the NCP2 stuff in the little brush-in-the-can - https: My battery terminal protectant spray is Magenta if your into colors What batteries did you install? I was just thinking of putting one Optima D35 in at 36 lbs 48ah Thoughts?

    pop.mail.ruk-com.in.th/maritime-law-in-china-emerging.php Battery and charger options. Hi all, new to the forum, have a EV and want to add a winch. Was surprised to learn I have to add batteries and can't use those on the vehicle, but so it goes.

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