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Dez, only knowing of his original want to talk to Kira, yells out loud and gets Kira's attention. Kira then talks to Austin.

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They talk about their relationship, and Austin admits that he wants her back but also wants Ally. Kira advises him to make a decision, and when he says that he wants her, she counters that he often changes his mind. He bluffs it off, but this personality trait is quickly proven to be there. Kira leaves, leaving Austin to wonder who to choose.

They talk for a bit before Penny admits that even though she and Lester are separated, she's okay with him. Lester clearly is the opposite; he angrily walks into the room, furious at the fact that Penny may or may not have made a chapter about "Chester", the stingy, cheap gorilla- or, a gorilla version of him. Penny bluffs this off, but once the rest of Team Austin arrives, Dez is shown to have thought of Chester as Lester, much to his chagrin. They reveal that her book was good; it even inspired them, knowing that they don't have to overthink everything. Trish quit her job early because of the book, and Dez was inspired to run a marathon.

They then awkwardly back away, and Dez enters, revealing that he went to the food court and was then inspired to get some food. In the next scene, Dez and Austin are in the empty locker hallways of Marino High School , and Austin reveals that he's chosen Kira over Ally because of many reasons- a few of which are that he doesn't want to risk messing up their friendship, their career, and etc. As he and Dez leave, Ally- having hidden behind the lockers- now comes out, sad.

Back at Mini's, Austin is telling Kira about how he wants to be with her, and she responds that she'll think about it. The book release party time comes, and right as Penny is about to introduce Austin and Ally, Ally runs off toSonic Boom. Not knowing why she could have done this, Penny and Austin run back to Sonic Boom. Ally is writing in her songbook when Penny walks in. Ally apologizes for letting her mother down, and Penny says that it's fine, then telling a story.

Penny gives her some good advice- if she fails, she needs to keep on trying. Ally then admits that she'll try again, and the two share a hug before Austin comes into the room. Penny leaves, giving the two privacy. Austin talks about their first song being written, and explains how Ally's changed- she's evolved into a much more confident person.

Ally thanks Austin, and they walk out together, holding hands. Trish and Dez are revealed to be reading Penny's book- or rather, Trish is reading the book while Dez makes animal sounds according to the animal that is mentioned. Penny returns, and re-introduces Austin and Ally. Ally is ecstatic over conquering her stage fright, and Austin hugs her. She feels as if she could do anything, and Austin replies that, as long as he's with her, he can do anything. They lean in and share their first "kiss". After pulling away, Kira shows up and says that she will be Austin's girlfriend before hugging him, leaving Ally heartbroken.

The episode ends with "To be continued". Is it about a giraffe that's afraid of heights? This one's about a girl who was shy and insecure when her mom left home for Africa. We've come a long way. You've come a long way. You were different person back then. That Ally couldn't of even gotten on stage, but this Ally can. Please don't pet me. You really didn't have to do this. Hey, you're always here for me. I told my mom that I'm ready to perform. I conquered my stage fright! I always knew you could do it!

I'm glad you were up there with me; that was incredible. I feel like I can do anything! I know I can do anything as long as I'm with you. I guess it makes it official.

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What's that to talk about? Austin and I kissed last night. But not a big deal. Your first kiss, that is a big deal. What makes you think it was my first kiss? It was pretty magical. Yeah, I felt like Cinderella. I keep thinking over the Ally and Kira thing. Well, I was upset at first. But if you wanna be with Kira and not Ally, I can accept that.

But I don't wanna be with Kira. I wanna be with Ally! Okay, it was really good and magical. But the point is, you chose Kira. So let's just stick to being friends and partners, and pretend the kiss never happened. I can't pretend it never happened! Ally, I wanna be with you! Oh, so you broke up with Kira? Looks like she's still in the picture. I think it's a piano. Dez, the parachute is not opening. Yeah, 'cause it hasn't been pulled yet. Who's going to pull it?! She probably hates me. You did break her piano. I remember when we sat at this piano and wrote our first song together. I was playing the piano, she was writing in her songbook I think about you, every moment, every day of my life This song is amazing Wait, you know what it means?!

That you're really nosy? It means no matter what she said, she's liked me this whole time! It's like I'm watching the best romantic movie ever! Shhh, just come here. I guess we're officially a couple. Fixed the piano, good as new. I have to get back to the store, it's packed down there. Austin Monica Moon, are you asking me out on our first official date?

Why, yes I am, Ally I-don't-know-your-middle-name Dawson! I accept, and I'm never going to tell you my middle name. It's just like when we're a couple we don't want to hurt each others feelings. You know I don't think you're weak. And I don't think you're childish.

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You didn't have to say that. I really wanted us to work. It's like being a couple is getting away of us being us. Things were great the way they were. Maybe we're not ready to be a couple just yet This is just as friends, right? Ok, but don't let go just yet. Why can't you wear a regular necklace? That necklace has been in my family for years. I can get all that stuff for you!

Is it the grandma that makes delicious cookies, or the one that tells really boring stories and smells like cabbage? That was horrible, right? It wasn't that bad. It was nice and loud. You've got your only music focus for now. We'll just have to find a way to make this work. I hope so, 'cause, I'm always going to need you, Ally.

That's so sweet, Austin [stands up] Bear hug? I can't imagine writing songs without you. That would be un-bearable. How many those bear jokes you have? Ehh, Six or seven.

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I don't want you to take me back. You keep saying, that you can't sign Ally, 'cause you don't want us both in same record label. Take her instead of me. I should of told you earlier, but i couldn't. You told me to write about someone I care about and that's you. Do you still have feelings for me?

All I know that I love being friends with you and I don't wanna ruin that. That's why I couldn't say that is about you. I'm happy that we're still just friends but, I kinda hoped it was about me. What the heck was that?! That was you rocking the keyboard. I guess I've always had this music in me I just needed you to bring it out. Now let's write a song.

First we have to come with some chords. Now let's come up with some words. I can't just speak any word. They have to come from your heart. What's the last powerful emotion you've experienced? Sitting next to you and the keyboard and I thought I really love the new seat cushion I bought.

It is so comfy! Let's go with love then. What's great about love? It doesn't fade over time. Where did you learn how to write songs that way? Smiles Well, I guess our plan worked. They don't seem mad at each other anymore. Aww Austin, I'll always be here for you. I'm sorry I ever doubted our partnership. It's the best thing that ever happened to me. Sorry to interrupt your moment, but what the heck was the kiss all about? Yeah, that was a lot more than just acting.

I told you we can be professional. It was for the movie, man. Yeah, just for the movie man. Stammers again You're a really good actor Austin. Both run off in opposite directions. I'm going to miss you too. We shouldn't be sad. You're making a record! I'm so proud of you. And you're going on your first tour. And hey, we'll apart just for like three moths. Actually it's ninety-four days. I's like with Dez's-- Ally: I guess this is goodbye.

Have fun on tour. Good luck making your record. Yeah, why do you think I'm not gonna be OK? Because every time I go down I see you Ally, my tour is gonna end in few weeks. Maybe it's time to use the thing? The thing in the card I gave her. Guys, Austin gave me a plane ticket to everywhere, so I can meet with you guys on tour.

Uh, he's doing this again. He must really miss Ally. We're in Washington State! Why did they do that?! I don't know why. We're 3, miles away again. We'll just have half hour to spend time together. I missed you too! You got here so late. I have to leave before the show is over. After all we went through to get together And I write better when you are around. Yeah so now we're in Idaho and they're going to drop me off at the nearest airport.

Hopefully I won't have to wait to long to catch the next flight. I can't wait to see you. I can't wait to see you too. I'm just bummed that now we only have one day to spend together. That means a lot. I'm going to miss you. Austin, Wait, I was thinking. What's the point of going to a meeting with a bunch of unfinished songs? Wouldn't it make more sense to reschedule the meeting, and come in with finished songs?

Yeah, it makes sense to me. I want you to help me finish the songs. I'm going to stay with you for the rest of the tour. I can think if one thing you have in common You know, 'cause you dated both Ally and Ki Uh, why were all those dogs chasing us? Maybe it's because I smell like bacon?

Yeah, I wasn't going to say anything but, you do smell really good.

Whoa whoa whoa, I don't think that's a good idea. You don't think Trish is ready to forgive me? I'm glad you think so, 'cause I didn't get you anything. We're under a mistletoe again. Well, rules are rules. Well, I just got a text from the future. It says you lose the competition and your whole team stinks. There's no way we're gonna loose the competition. Austin knows when it takes to win. You're afraid if we don't find somebody? No, I'm even more if I do, it won't be as special team as I have with Ally.

Hi, is this Roxy Rocket? This is Austin Moon. I love your song and I want you to be my new songwriter. I'd love to be your I'm on the phone! My friend's being rude. Anyway, I think we would make a good team. I thought I'd be okay with it. But seeing you with someone else really made me jealous. I'd be jealous too.

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But what are we supposed to do? It didn't go so well. Yeah, we couldn't even write songs.

Real Life Couples of Austin & Ally

Well, if we're not gonna be together, it's only a matter of time before one of us meets someone else. Whatever happens, I just want you to be happy. I want you to be happy too. I used to feel that I could do anything with you by my side. What are you talking about? Me and Ally agreed to be just friends. It is about more than just work? I realized I still like Ally. And I wanna get back together with her.

No, you go first. I just wanna let you know that I'm not gonna be working with Gavin anymore. I mean, aww, why? I thought you guys were going great together. But I don't wanna complicate things. How would it complicate things? Because Gavin and I shouldn't work together You guys are dating? He asked me out, so I'm gonna go on a date with him. You guys'll have fun. Ever since I learnt how to sleep with my eyes open. Yeah, Ally, you already have a dress. We'll wait for you to get ready Dez: Seriously, that could take hours, look at her hair!

Ally looks offended Austin: Ally, don't listen to em'. Trish, I've made a huge mistake. I'm not suposed to be here with Piper,I 'm supposed to be here with Ally! Carrie walks up to him, and hears what Austin said. You don't wanna be here with my sister? Please don't say anything to Piper, I don't wanna ruin her prom!

Piper walks up to Austin Piper: You know what Austin? I'm really happy we're here. Even if your pores are huge. Piper, there's something I have to tell you. Well, I can't help it.

When I saw Ally I realized I wanted to be with her instead of Piper. Austin, you're staring, and the person you're staring at, isn't your date. I wish I was here with Ally instead of Piper. I just broke up with him. I just broke up with Piper. But if she asks, I told you she broke up with me. They both smile at each other, and slow, romantic music plays in the background and they look at each other sweetly Austin: So, why did you and Piper break up? Ally smiles I've always liked you. I guess I never stopped. I've always dreamed of going to prom with the perfect guy. And the perfect guy is you.

And it's a little late, but Would you be my prom date? We need to text Ally for help Trish: Yeah, this song you're writing for Brooke is terrible. He takes Ally's food out of her hand and throws it in the bin, spins around and looks at Ally flirtatiously. Austin walks over to Ally You mean our line? We only have one line each and you've already made me rehearse it for three hours. Why don't we do what we do best? We'l put on a puppet show! What an unusual location creepy violin music plays in the background Ally: Do you hear that?

I can't hear anything over that creepy violin music Ally: I'm talking about the creepy violin music Austin: So, you sold a violin to a guy who works at a cemetery?

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  • His name is Dezmond Moorehouse the third. That's the name on that gravestone Ally: That means I sold a violin to a Dezmond Moorehouse the third: I'm so proud of you! Awww, I love that you two are a couple again. Hey, Carrie, hows the fish special? Carrie walks off crying Okay, maybe I'll just get the salad. We just saw five movie's back to back! Since Ally's gonna be busy with her record, we're squeezing a month of dates into one weekend. I wrote all my songs here, we all became friends here.

    Austin grabs Ally's hand, smiling I met Ally, here. What if he asks me about you? Should I say we're a couple? Auslly hug and won't go and Trish is watching Trish: I'm just gonna get a cookie now. Trying to prove that we can be in public without acting like a couple, so Jimmy won't force us to break up. Oh, how's that going? Later, Jessie and the children travel to Miami with the group.

    Jessie inadvertently steals lyrics that were written by Zuri and tries to get Austin to sing them with her. Meanwhile, Ravi is jealous to see that the family's pet lizard, Mrs. Kipling, may have a crush on Dez, though it turns out that Mrs. Kipling does not like Dez at all. They initially ordered 13 episodes, though that number was later increased to 21; however, only 19 aired.

    The Ultimate Dance-Off event. The series officially premiered on December 2, The series was renewed for a second season and resumed production in summer The series was renewed for a third season by Disney Channel on April 2, The third season premiered on October 27, , and production ended on January 24, The series airs worldwide on Disney Channel. It aired as a preview in Canada alongside the original broadcast and premiered on January 20, The series premiered on Disney Channel in Canada on September 1, , with Raini Rodriguez and Calum Worthy introducing the series with special contests and events.

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Take It from the Top. Archived from the original on October 23, Retrieved February 8, Retrieved March 12, Retrieved May 23, Retrieved April 25, The Forces of E". Retrieved January 11, Retrieved February 7, Retrieved October 17, Turn It Up [Original Soundtrack]".

    will austin and ally start dating Will austin and ally start dating
    will austin and ally start dating Will austin and ally start dating
    will austin and ally start dating Will austin and ally start dating
    will austin and ally start dating Will austin and ally start dating
    will austin and ally start dating Will austin and ally start dating
    will austin and ally start dating Will austin and ally start dating
    will austin and ally start dating Will austin and ally start dating
    will austin and ally start dating Will austin and ally start dating
    Will austin and ally start dating

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