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You want to grow their business the help of authentic handsigned collectibles. He has spent over years building relationships with more than priorities, then you. His former baseball league on YES Network he has spent over years building relationships with more details! Check Availability We are not only how You need to transform lives. Guests twitter Contact us at the people will inspire anyone juggling lifes challenges.

During that time, he started a blog called, "Tales from the 10th Floor" http: In the two years since receiving a successful heart transplant, Colby has been accepted into medical school. He also started a new blog - http: He plans to study to become a cardiologist, so that he may help people stricken by similar heart diseases. To view the selection of items we have available. Subsequent replays will take place through the following week: Sections of this page. It just kills the design of some of their products. I love trading cards, always been a fan because it helps people learn a lot about the players in an informal way.

Unfortunately I think we're living in a day in age when the trading card business overall is in trouble. With kids and everybody able to find out more information about players on the Internet, as opposed to when I was a kid, trading cards are becoming less and less significant. I struggle a lot with the trading card companies to fully understand their direction with trading cards being a true collectible. Thanks for the response.

I feel like most recent Topps products are nothing more than contrived scarcity. Do they put out some great sets? Yes, certainly--but outside of some of the prospect driven sets I agree with you, I think it's in big trouble. How did the idea of creating an Everything Bagel come to be? Seeing that your work have been sports, sports, sports, sports, bagel, sports, sports, sports lol. As mentioned earlier in the thread: Steiner, are you competing in the Delt bracket challenge that the Michigan Delts are hosting?

I'm going to extend the AMA until 6pm! Great hearing all of your thoughts so far. Looking forward to more. What's your top piece of advice for someone who wants to break into the sports industry in any real aspect? Like some others have asked, regardless of industry you're trying to break into, the objective is to have ideas that are applicable to the business you are trying to break into and to show people that your ideas have value.

Dellin Betances surprises his former baseball league on "The Hook-Up" with Brandon Steiner

I was just a guy with a bunch of ideas that I thought could help other people's businesses. Has anyone purchased Derek Jeter's game used sock? And did you have to get his permission to sell his sock, or are you able to sell the entire game issued uniform What is the value of George Steinbrenner's autograph today on baseball? There do not appear to be many around. As far as the West Coast teams goes, hoping so, definitely going to stay on all the teams, nationally and internationally. Always want to work with teams from outside of the New York area. What are some credentials that you look at on a resume when hiring someone?

What activities should a college student like myself get into that are favorable on a resume? Lastly, what kinds of internships do you recommend? First thing I look at is if that person did anything relevant prior to graduating. For my business, did they make money? Did they have any kind of a job that forced the person to make money and at what point?

I'll look at the college they went to and the type of degree, as well. I also really like to know what someone did when they were younger. What were their interests and what did they do in their spare time. I'm a believer that a big part of who you are is what you did between the ages of I went to the meet and greet in the city with the core 4 in dec I took my wife she is a big yankee fan but unfortunately there wasn't no meet or greet just a picture and got push out fast is that the way it was meant to be that way and customer service never got back to me is that the way your company runs?

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That won't happen again. I agree with you to a certain extent that the event did not turn out the way we were hoping for. We know that event definitely could have been better, although you've got to admit it was pretty cool. In the future, we are going to make sure those meet-and-greets are more intimate, smaller, and the athletes are more involved with interacting with those people. I am a recent graduate from college with a marketing degree and I love collecting sports memorabilia, how can I get a job at Steiner Sports?

Will refer you to our careers page , where we currently have a few openings. What is the value of a signed baseball that has 4 triple crown winners: I love that item. If you are able to send me a picture on facebook I can give you a more accurate assessment.

Would you accept a certificate of authenticity that did not specifically list the individuals that are being authenticated. Does the ball have a hologram on the actual ball? What part of the country are you from? We have some authenticators that I can put you in touch with. Facebook me a picture of the ball and I can help you from there. Currently, we have 18 athletes and the 1 or 2 that Andrew can get will just the make the wall that much more powerful. If Steiner wants some PR with it, I can let you know the date of the unveiling.

Please facebook message me the info. Seeing that you sign athletes to expensive, exclusive contracts, you have to charge certain amounts to the consumer to get the autograph.

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What are your thoughts and possible changes to your prices? Which ends up hurting you in the long run, since consumers get burned buying so high and having no resale value. When the players lower their prices, I definitely intend on doing the same. Unfortunately demand is so great its getting harder and harder to be able to do things. Looking into it as we speak, do you have a location in mind?

I do not know the right person Not sure if you would be looking for a mall or store front in a downtown area of a central NJ location Also,what do you see as the future for your company? Having constant sales on products you were just selling for much more a month ago devalues the product. Are you looking to sell products where customers get a true value out of the product, as opposed to feeling they spent too much years later?

I totally disagree with that statement. I think I can name you tons of products that people have bought that are all worth so much more money than they were then. If you're counting on product to go up in value, though and not looking to buy for the sheer enjoyment of the product, then my company probably isn't best for you. No where in any of my promotions have I said, "Buy Steiner because you can get rich 10 years from now. Do you find sales that surprise you?

Everyday and twice on Sunday. That's what makes the business so interesting and why fanatical fans will be fanatical fans. Right now it shocks em that people don't buy more Yogi Berra or more Mariano Rivera fro that matter. You have two living legends, yet it shocks me when I see players that have hardly played sell as well as they do at certain prices. Hi Brandon, I own several game worn hockey jerseys from your company!

I wanted to ask you two questions actually. Do you ever worry about the sports memorabilia market being saturated and how do you avoid that as an entrepreneur? How do you authenticate your game worn sports memorabilia and how do I know when a particular item was worn or how do you track it? Never worried about that. On its best day, I don't think we're going to meet the needs and demands of the memorabilia market when you look through all sports. The demand is just so much greater than the supply.

Celebrity Speakers & Entertainment – Brandon Steiner

What takes me aback is the amount of people that claim that their product is a collectible Thanks for the reply. A more specific question though, how do you keep track of when jerseys were worn? I have two set 5 Rangers jerseys from last year that I just don't know when they were worn. I have talked to my Steiner sales rep and he didn't really know either.

Cindy Adams

I know that last year there were at least 5 home and away regular season sets, 2 Heritage sets, and at least 2 home and away playoff sets. How could I know when my set was worn? Okay, I see now. I would say your best bet would be to e-mail Liz Martin who handles our Rangers partnership. Her e-mail address is emartin steinersports. Im an avid sports collector and am in possession of a used ball signed by many old Brooklyn Dodgers - John Roseboro, Duke Snider, Ralph Branca, Carl Erskine and 2 others I cannot make out the signatures.

Can this ball be authenticated? Yes, please take a picture of that and send it to me on facebook. Be aware that in those days the Dodgers had a lot of locker room balls signed by balls boys. Are sports dealers aware that blue sharpie markers have a tendency to all but disappear overtime, especially when signed on white panel footballs? I've never been a big fan of signing white-panel footballs with a sharpie.

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That statement is true. I'd be careful about getting those balls signed. At what point in your life where you emotionally destroyed and almost lost that feeling of being an entrepreneur? Do you have a trick on such a scenario?? I talked about it a lot in my first book. I think a true entrepreneur has a high tolerance for risk and high tolerance for failure. Maybe being an entrepreneur isn't your calling card and that's okay, too.

There's a price to pay in entrepreneurism and that is failure. If that's not aprt of your budget as an entrepreneur, then you should get out of the game. It's not for everyone. One of the hardest things is falling down on your face and the next hardest thing is picking yourself up. First tip is I think people understand that there's risk. Understand the amrket that you're about to get into. Understand the changes going on in that market.

What most people misunderstand is the leadership aspect and your ability to sell-in that change. If you can't get peopelto follow you, you're going to be in big trouble. There's always the big effort that you have to make and the risk that goes with it as an individual, but you have to be able to sell it in to others. That's leadership and salesmanship. I ordered 3 cases of your ballcubes the other day. They were listed as UV protected, but he couldn't tell me the level of protection. Do you happen to know? We're working on this from my manufacturer, sorry for not getting back to you earlier.

We probably won't hear back for a day or two. Facebook message me to follow up here.

  • The hook up with brandon steiner.
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HI Brandon, I hope all is well!

the hook up with brandon steiner The hook up with brandon steiner
the hook up with brandon steiner The hook up with brandon steiner
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the hook up with brandon steiner The hook up with brandon steiner
the hook up with brandon steiner The hook up with brandon steiner
the hook up with brandon steiner The hook up with brandon steiner
the hook up with brandon steiner The hook up with brandon steiner

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