Dating boyfriend for 3 years

Condoms are the devil. I say that if he wants you to touch his dick, you get some say in what it smells like. A Weekend To Himself: Go out of town with your friends, go visit your parents, whatever. If, unlike me, your boyfriend can grow a beard, you probably hate it. Beards are overdone and gross.

But stubble is still sexy, and the reviews indicate that this thing is perfect for maintaining varying degrees of 5: As a plus, you can probably use it to trim your vaj, too. Trunk Club uses personal stylists to send your man curated clothing and accessories each month, which he can accept or reject. A misguided sense of status and achievement is the greatest gift you can give, IMO. Some New Sex Stuff: Break out a vibe and do some diddling while he watches. Have you ed in a while?

A Real Fucking Watch: A relationship should be a partnership, sometimes he takes more, sometimes you take more, but this seems completely one sided. Would you be happier sending the time you see him with your friends, or taking on other hobbies? If you feel like you are moving forward and he is standing still, you will have to make a decision of standing still where you are with him or move on without him. At 25 he should at least able to communicate or want to try, even if he doesn't know what he wants to do with his life.

He can't just stone wall you for a week because he doesn't like the conversation. You can't change someone, that has to come from him. He doesn't seem to want that, so you'll have to accept him for what is he now, or move on. I dated a really nice guy through college. I'm very Type A and he is very, very Type B.

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Although he's funny and fun to be around, the lack of motivation killed our relationship. I graduated in four years and got a job; he couldn't figure out when he was going to graduate. When he missed two appointments with the school counselor and I had to sit down and go through his course catalog to figure out when he would graduate, and it wasn't for another two years That was it for me.

I was just too frustrated. I didn't want to have to do all the life planning for us. I wanted a partner in the relationship; I didn't want someone I'd have to be responsible for. I hope he's happy and I'm sure he'll make someone else very happy. I was with him for nearly six years. I'm now married to someone who is awesome, and I've been with him for nine years.

We've accomplished some really amazing things together, while still having a ton of fun. I admire him, and I know he admires me. That person is out there for you, too. My suggestion would be that you really need to talk about this. Explain that you're worried about him, and that you love him, and then explain why you're worried.

It may be that he needs a good old boot up the ass, and it may be that there's something more serious. My sister used to date a guy like this. She wasted years waiting for him to treat her like a girlfriend rather than a last resort buddy. He dumped her the night before a major exam recital She passed, despite him because she volunteered to work as a US camp counsellor for 2 months.

She had to see him during the exam because she had previously invited him and his family. My mum and I spent the whole day calming her down enough to perform. She later went to her camp counseling job and was asked to stay on an extra month.

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She met her now-husband at the camp. Her ex tried to get back with her and she happily told him she met someone else and to leave her alone. My ex-boyfriend threw a huge fit when I told him I wanted to do an exchange for a few months. That finally opened my eyes to how selfish he was. I was this young excited girl who wanted to find the world, he preferred the comfort of his couch.

Do not tie yourself to someone like this. I'm a man and I would regard this guy as a spineless loser. Worse, he knows it otherwise he wouldn't have reacted with such imperious BURN when you brought it up. Yes, he's not good enough. Move onto greener pastures. He'll probably not appreciate the suggestion, but worst case scenario maybe it'll prompt him to consider it seriously after you dump him. Op if everything goes well on his path and yours where do you see yourself in 5 years best case scenario? I was with a guy like this wasted 13 years of my life. He refused to go out with me and my friends did not work and lived at home with his parents.

He would always go out with his own friends even after telling me he was "too tired" or hand no money to go out with me and my friends. I on the other hand went to college got a degree have a full time job , own a car and I am currently in the process or purchasing a house. When I did go over to his place he would just play his video games and I just sat there and did nothing he was over all a nice person but never changed I think the relationship has run its course and u should move on.

Don't be like me and waste all your youth on someone like him it will drain u. You will also grow very attached and dependent even if he doesn't give u much attention. It's easier to find someone. New at a younger age when u get older your options are limited as most people will be either divorced or already hAve children from previous relationships. Please do yourself a favor and move on now. I was in a similar situation a few years back and now I look back and think "oh my gosh, why was I trying so hard to make it work?

Its a huge red flag that he doesnt have a license, cell phone, or car. A sweet friend of mine left a seven year relationship started when she was fifteen because herself and her boyfriend were growing apart in this way.


If it worked when you started, but you're on different life paths now, you may just need to lead separate lives. You can't control him; you can just express the problem to him and see what he suggests. If he wants to change his life so you're both developing together and staying compatible, that's on him.

But if he doesn't, it's time to go. In that time, I begged, pleaded, threatened, ultimatumed, whined, whatever I could think of that might help, to get him to get his life together and build a life with me. Y'know what that got me? Except he moved straight from his parents home into mine, and does not have the ability to take care of himself, or survive as an adult, so right now I am stuck with him, and no idea how to move on. It's my house, not like I can just move out and leave him there. I did teach him about credit. Got him a credit card and a car loan.

But he has no idea how to live a day to day life.

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Go to work, pay the bills etc etc. He also has severe anxiety, both from a genetic cause and from his upbringing. That is finally geting addressed, but not to the point he can take care of himself. TBH, it sounds like your guy may have the same severe social anxiety issues my guy has.

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Mine always had to be 'buzzed' or drunk to do anything at all in a social situation. Actually, he still does, even with meds.


If you ever move in together, my life will be yours. You will be the breadwinner. Hope you like going to weddings alone. It gets very old very fast Or if he goes with you, he will go drunk, pick a fight to get you to leave, or sulk in the corner having a miserable time, thus causing you to have a miserable time.

Ditto with family parties, christenings and funerals. I felt the exact same things you did. That I 'clicked' with so few people, what if I left him only to be alone! And that I looooved his company. Still do, to be honest. When it's just us, he is smart, funny, and caring. If you are bound and determined to stay with this guy I think you should start out with "Hon? I have been reading up about social anxiety

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