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Remember how each member of the friend group found out about them at different times? When Phoebe saw them hooking up, she totally freaked out, and one by one, everyone found out. It's a great episode and is a favorite for many fans. Can Ross and Rachel boast such an amazing storyline?

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Ross is pretty much just He's always the same. Some people really hate him and think that he's annoying AF and others have a soft spot for him. You probably have your own opinion of him one way or the other, but you have to admit that Ross doesn't really change for the better as a result of dating Rachel. Chandler absolutely changes for the better after getting together with Monica. And it's a really cool thing to see. While he never loses his sense of humor thankfully since he's the best , he does learn to take some responsibility for himself and for his life.

That's exactly what you want to see happen, whether you're watching a TV show or thinking about your own boyfriend or even just a good guy friend. Chandler and Joey were just beginning to live together and so Ross, Phoebe, and Monica wanted to check out Joey. You might remember that Chandler and Monica had a pretty cute moment and he said that she was one of "the most beautiful women he'd ever known.

That is a really great flashback and just proves that they are totally the superior couple. As for Ross and Rachel, all they remember is that he loved her and she ignored him. It's not really the same. Just look at what Chandler tells Monica when she wonders if he's going to hate not experiencing any "firsts" with a new woman ever again.

Because in this scene, Chandler proved that he is romantic AF and that he's just the best partner ever. This is absolutely what you want your boyfriend or fiance to say to you when you ask this question. If he doesn't say this, actually, you would definitely want to dump him on the spot. If you ever want to find out what your boyfriend really thinks about commitment, you should totally show him this episode and see what he says.

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Sure, that might sound a bit sneaky because, well, it is but it's still a really good idea. After Chandler and Monica get married, things aren't exactly blissful and lovely. They definitely love each other but as people always say, love isn't always enough, and there are a lot of things that threaten their happiness and romance. Chandler gets reassigned to Tulsa and they start a long-distance relationship. As you probably guessed when you watched this season, that was a really tough time for them and it wasn't super clear what would happen.

Once they were back in New York together, they decided to think about trying for a baby. Of course, since nothing easy ever happens on a TV show since conflict is a storytelling staple, it wasn't as easy as saying that they wanted to start a family. These are totally normal problems that many couples have and that makes them much more interesting than Ross and Rachel.

It's impossible to look at Chandler Bing at least pre-Monica and not think that he was pretty immature. Here's a guy who never met a joke that he didn't like and who couldn't stop himself from poking fun at anyone and everyone and any situation.

The One with Ross's Wedding

But when you compare him to Ross, he seems so much more mature. Ross spends a lot of time moping around and saying that he loves Rachel and wishes that she would wake up and want to be with him.

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Like a lot of time. It's kind of ridiculous how much he does this when you think about it. Does he really think that he's good boyfriend material when he just whines all the time? Because here's the truth: Ross and Rachel have pretty much a revolving door of romantic interests throughout the show.

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At the beginning of the show, Ross is getting over his ex-wife Carol and then he goes to China and starts dating Julie. And then there was Emily. He marries her even though it seems obvious that he and Rachel should be a thing. It's just a lot. Rachel doesn't make very good choices in men and when she's not dating the wrong guy, she spends a lot of time complaining about being single.

It's not that fun to watch. Monica and Chandler each have one major love interest outside of their relationship, but it's super clear that those people weren't the right ones for them. You just knew that Monica and Richard couldn't end up together since he was much older and she wanted kids and that just can't be helped. When you think about the way that Monica and Chandler's relationship has grown and evolved, it's a real progression, and it's all very logical. They don't rush into anything. You couldn't say that they take things slow, but they're definitely not going into the relationship without thinking carefully about it.

You get the feeling that whatever happens between them, they are definitely doing the right thing and that you can't even imagine them being apart. And that's pretty important. The worst thing ever is when you're a regular viewer of a show and it just feels like two characters are rushing into things and should seriously think twice about actually dating. You never feel that way with these two.

It's definitely that they manage to keep the friendship alive. You know how people say that they married their best friend? That's what these two did. When you see scenes with Ross and Rachel as a couple, things just seem different. Yeah, they're cute together and all that, and they have chemistry, but they don't seem like real partners that are both friends and lovers. Monica and Chandler just seem like they are a totally different level.

Give it to them. But with the three women, he never hit on any of the women around him. They were his friends and he was their big brother. And his heart was always in the right place. But that all changed once they settled on Courteney and Matty. He had 17 girlfriends OK, flings , while Phoebe had Heckles lied to the guy Chandler picked, meaning Chandler had to go with his second choice - Joey. He got fired from a Burger King commercial, too.

Matt LeBlanc suggested it.

Comedy Central Live Friendsfest. Friday, October 6, - Unsurprisingly, Joey dated the most people across the ten series.

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