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Did i cause harm to the motor? What kind of sound is the motor making? If it is a screeching or grinding sound, it would be the bearings, which may have been caused by some of that 6, gallons getting into the motor. I have an inground Hayward saltwater pool. On 2 occ I have received a LO reading on the heater and the pump sounds like it is grinding. I then backwash the pool to restore the flow, re-prime and that seems to set it to flow correctly. I just backwashed the yesterday and I had to backwash again today because I was getting a LO reading again.

Is there something else going on. My pool is only two years old. I am seeing air pockets along some spots on the walls of the pool behind the liner. Does this mean I have water coming in behind. First question, is this a DE or a sand filter? If this is a sand filter, you may have to change the sand.

Air or water pockets behind the liner could is a potentially bad sign, you will need to find out where that leak is coming from. Have you had excessive or flooding recently? Also what is being behind your liner: One of the guys cut a pigtail to a Skil saw which tripped a breaker we know that they are not on the same circuit breaker, would that cause the pump to stop working?? I am always struggleing with a lot of bugs, pollen and millions of gnats in my pool.

Three or four times a day we are skimming and cleaning out the catch basin but no matter what the pool has stuff floating around. On a separate issue of recent I have encountered an infestation of tiny micro tubular speciem. After shocking pool three times I still have these but it has lessened. How long before you can swim and how do you prevent?

Hi there I have an inground pool with a Hayward pump and daypack heater. And the water in the pump basket was steaming. I switched everything off. Is there a blockage or should I be back washing more? The steaming water and swollen pipe could be caused by low water flow. A pool heater requires a minimum flow rate depending on model to keep it from overheating and eventually breaking down. The bulging pipe may be caused by the superheated water deforming the pipe; the steam is likely another symptom of the problem. The heater hi-limit should have stopped the heater from reaching these dangerous levels.

First I would find the reason for the low flow whether it be an air leak or a blockage and then I would get a professional to inspect your heater. Now that the water level has lowered and the pump is working well again, do I need to let it run longer than usual to make up for the missed days or is it sufficient to run it as normal does all water once per day. This is an above ground, 10, L pool. My pump is running, sounds louder than usual, and bounces from psi.

I am new to pools. Just bought a house with an inground pool. Will running the pump with low pressure cause the pump motor to go out? And, why is my pressure low? Any help or advice is greatly appreciated!! At our community pool, our servicing company recommends pulling the motors for both baby pool and large pool for the winter. What is your opinion.

If the pumps are in an equipment room, I would keep the motors on the pumps and save the motor. If not then you are paying a company to essentially remove two motors which is about a half hour worth of work. We are paying for the company separately to blow out the lines and other winterization, so I think your assessment is correct. I accidentally forgot to turn off the pump while cleaning the filter basket and water rushed all over the place. Now my above ground pool will not turn on. Will letting it dry more than likely fix the problem?

Yes, I would give the motor some time to dry out before trying it again. Hopefully, there was no internal damage or you will have to replace the motor. Take a look at this guide for further troubleshooting help: We bought a above ground pool and the sand filter sprung a leak in the middle of the tank. Not knowing any better I hooked it up to the existing pump and was on my way. We started noticing sand in the pool and the pressure on the tank never went up from 10 lbs even after a month.

Pulled sand out to check laterals and they are fine. But I just found out my filter is rated for 60 gpm and the pump is rated for Would this cause sand in pool and what damage might I have done to the filter??? If there was not already damage from it being a used filter in the first place. The crack in the equipment may only pop up when the filter is under high pressure, making it hard to find when you are inspecting it by hand.

We bought a de filter and hooked it up after using cartridges for 5 years. What is the model number for your old and new filters? Also, did you bleed the air from the system after installing the new filter? When I change filter cartridges I immediately have very strong water flow…but within short period often little as an hour the flow drops significantly. Pressure not increasing or very little, i. I purchased chlorine granules, and the directions read to take the skimmer basket out before slowly pouring the granules into the skimmer.

5 Biggest Pool Pump Mistakes

My question is should I put the skimmer basket back in while the pump is running and the granules are dissolving? Or should I leave the basket out while the granules are dissolving? Once the granules are added to the skimmer they should be diluted into solution pretty quickly allowing you to pop in the skimmer basket.

A better way to add the granules: It is hard to tell, you may have blown a gasket which should be an easy fix. Or you may have cracked a part of the plumbing or pump which is more expensive to repair. The only way to know for sure is to find the source of the leak.

I have a 12 year old AO Smith century Centurion pump model , the top lid for the strainer is not sealing, I need the Oring or even the entire lid, does anyone know what the replacement PN would be and where I can find it? Rick — to find the correct gasket we will need to know the model number of the pump housing side. The AO Smith info provided above is the motor, which can be fitted to dozens of pumps. Hi Matthew, Thanks for responding.

Then there is a tag that says Model Number Serial number. I believe the top strainer cover o ring is the culprit. Rick — that is all motor info again. The motor label is only going to have motor information. To give you an idea of the two sides of a pump, here is an image:. Model number Serial number PFF Click the following link and tell me if this is what your pump looks like: American Products Ultra Flo. Thanks for all the info! He said he does it all the time, and would install with special valves to prevent the fresh water and pump water from backing into each other.

I woke up this morning and my inground pool had lost significant water. When I went to work it lost more water, that is usually when the pump runs. I looked at where the water drains from the pump and did not see any wet areas. The obvious answer, there is a leak in the pool basin or the pipes underground. You will have to get a leak detection company to come out and look at your pool. It was so useful to learn that a pump motor is roughly half the price of a new pump. Our motor has been sitting out all winter, as we forgot to take it out.

I see minor cracks in the motor itself. I will be sure to call someone about my options for replacement parts! Hello all, I recently replaced my pool motor with the same size that was there. The pump works great when I have the bottom drain or the hot tub set to pull water from. However if I change over to the skimmer it keeps losing the prime because it seems to drain all the water out of the skimmer too fast.

The water is at the correct level maybe even a bit above. It sounds like water level is low and or main drain is off and all suction is deficated to your skimmer. Hello again all, Ignore my question. I am an idiot. LOL a stick had gotten wedged in the flap that keeps debris from floating back into the pool and the door was stuck up and not allowing enough water in. Hi, can you please tell me if the filter where all the debris are held has to be turning all the time if the pump is on? I noticed that the pump was going, but the leaves in the container filter is not turning, which means, the water is not recycling.

What should I do?

I appreciate you help. Leafs in the pump strainer basket are not the best telltale on how well a pump is working. Clear out your pump and skimmer strainer baskets and then see how your water flow is. Quick question — I have two fountains that run into the pool that are on the same pump. If you have time, let me know your thoughts, thanks! If they are — My best guess is that the fountain with the weaker clog has some kind of obstruction in the pipe or nozzle of the fountain. The obstruction is restricting flow to the Fountain B, making water divert to Fountain A causing the stronger flow.

Without having eyes on the plumbing that is the only that that can come to mind. If the stronger fountain is closer to the pump — The pump may have reduced water output, from sucking air leak or a dirty filter. Check for those two problems and check back with us. I am in the process of having my pool resurfaced by a regional chain pool company. They were supposed to let us know when they would be coming so that we would be prepared, but showed up unannounced while we were at work yesterday and drained the pool.

The pump and booster are on automatic timers and turned on with an empty pool and ran dry for almost 4 hours before I got home and noticed them running and shut them off. The pool pump is 7 months old, the booster pump is 1 week old. Both pump motors were too hot to touch when I turned them off. Should I be concerned in this situation, or is 4 hours of dry running not enough to cause any damage? A pump running dry for longer than fifteen minutes can damage the pump, melt plastic components, overstress the motor and ruin the shaft seal.

I attempted to go that route, they started coming up with additional charges for resurfacing. I had pumps running for days without water and nothing was wrong with them. Oh, by the way, for your warranty on your new plaster to be valid, you have to have it professionally brushed and balanced for 5 days after we finish. Our neighbors are also in the process of having their pool resurfaced, so we knew to ask about the cost of aftercare. We were told that this service was included in the price, we failed to get it in writing so they are refusing to honor it.

We also discussed some cracks that were obvious below the coping and in a couple of places on the plaster, we were told that they were minor issues that would be easily corrected epoxied or grouted depending on how wide they are if they are deeper than the plaster after the old plaster is removed and before the new stuff is installed and that this was also included in the quoted price. Again, we failed to get it in writing and have nothing to stand on. Pay the additional costs or give the work to someone else and lose the deposit.

What the salesman says is meaningless, get it all in writing. I just had a new motor installed on my hayward pump by my pool guy. I took the motor off and replaced everything according to some youtube videos I watched. I think it could be one of two things. There was a little water in the back electrical compartment where you connect all the wires. The other thing is that it could be the capacitor. One video said to touch a screwdriver onto the 2 connectors to short it out as it retains power.

Since it could be a few things, on the motor and inside the pump, I would just start over: Also installing the shaft seal backward would not prevent the motor from turning, but it would cause a leak. You can run the pool, but you are just going to lose more water, if not make the problem worse.

The leak may be coming from the filter tank itself, which usually leads replacing the whole filter. Some try to epoxy the crack but the placement of your leak makes it extremely tough. Every time I use granular shock it ends up on pool floor. I sweep it out, cloud up the pool, and have the granulars back on the floor the next day. Do I have a possible bad lateral? Charlie, How are you adding the granules to the pool? Are you dissolving the granular shock in a bucket of warm water before adding it to the pool? The dissolve-bucket method is the correct way to add shock to prevent the granules from settling on the pool floor, which can cause staining.

Dont ha e the money to fix at the moment, should I just let it go? Just turn the pump off permantley? Till I have the money? If you turn off the pump for a few days or longer, your pool is going to become a swamp. Have you tried Marlig Fix-a-Leak? This is a good stopgap until you can afford a more costly repair.

If you are the same Carla from all the previous posts, read the following links: I have an above ground pool that we recently started working with opening it up for the summer. I shocked it last night and left the pump on to filter throughout the night. I went to bed at 11 p. I woke up at 5: It was plugged into a GFI. Not sure if motor burnt out or I need to just replace the cord. I would start with the cord, because it is a lot cheaper than a motor.

If that does not fix the problem then you can start troubleshooting the pool pump motor. Opened our above ground pool yesterday and everything was running well.

Install 1.5hp Pump, Hayward Sand Filter, Salt System to INTEX POOL

This morning , got up and the water was below the skimmer. Should the valve on the pump be on or off when running? The water is coming out of the backwash. All the rest of the valves are in the right position, just not sure of the one on the pump. Did I do something terrible? It was only on there maybe 20 seconds before I got it turned off. When I try to change the settings nothing happens. What did I do?

Is this going to be expensive to fix? First things first, never turn the multiport valve while the pump is running. No matter the setting, operating a multiport valve while the pump is on is a recipe for a mangled valve. As for your particular case, your next step is to open up the valve. Once inside you can check to see what is broken, loose or gone.

Without knowing which filter you have, I am not sure about the tabs you are referring to. So I have a indoor in ground pool. Do I need to keep my pump running for the normal 8 hours.

How to Hook Up a Sand Filter Pump to an Above Ground Swimming Pool

Or can I cut it off for awhile and give it a break. Because your pool is indoors, your chlorine needs are likely significantly less then a pool exposed to direct sunlight, pollen, and other chlorine hogs. Your situation is unique so I would play-it-by-ear. Lessen your time by an hour each week, then at the end of each week check water for clarity. Test chemical levels to determine if your pool is stable, or if you need to up the run time by an hour. Matthew, I installed a new Polaris PB Pressure Cleaner Booster Pump today because the old one was leaking badly and finally started making a loud screeching noise while running.

After letting it run for about 30 minutes I noticed it seemed to be a bit noisy and the new inlet hose was shaking quite a bit. When I took hold of the inlet hose it was so hot I could not hold it for more than a few seconds. I immediately turned off the pump. Could this be happening because the old wiring is V instead of V? The new pump uses V and the old pump says it is V on the label but maybe it was rewired for V??

If this could be the problem how do I figure out the wiring voltage? PBs use dual voltage motors that can be set to operate on or volts. The terminal board has a jumper or a knob that allows you to set the motor to the appropriate voltage. The first thing you need to do, figure out if you are feeding it or Secondly, set the motor to the correct voltage. Everything works great on m pool except bugs and debris do not go into skimmer.

They just float around on top of water. Have you tried adjusting your return jets to create more so floating debris gets caught in a circular current? This should work all the debris towards your skimmer for easy capture. We left the water shut off valve on top of the filter cartridge open, the pump had been on for about an hour, we heard it as soon as it started to make a noise because of the drop in pool level and not enough water going through the skimmer, there was still water coming out.

We closed the screw and turned the handle to bottom. Could you possibly help please. The result of this mistake could be bad bearings or a motor that was overheating and caused internal damage and possibly melted pump parts. You might want to open the pump to check if any of the pump parts like the impeller, seal plate or shaft seal have been damaged.

I have adjusted all levels to be within spec chlorine, ph etc. Still have a blue cloudy pool after running filter for 48 hours straight. After backwashing my psi reads 10, and water flows nice and strong out of the return jet. After some hours, I notice the water barely flowing out of the return jet and barely sucking through the skimmer. I turn it off, backwash for a minute, turn it to normal filter setting and once again water flows strong out of the return jet.

Some hours later, same thing. Also, I have had the water tested by the local pool store. It seems my water is cloudy because the lack of continuous proper filtration due to my loss of flow through my filter. Sand is only one season old. I looked at my filter basket the other day and it looked like it was bone dry and there was lots of debris swirling around. Is there steady water pressure coming out of your returns? If the answer is yes, then there is water in your pump. I have a Hayward EC earth filter.

At first we just figured it was because the water was green and we had to just get the water cleared up and take care of the filter along the way. We were basically bumping and back washing the filter in order to keep it running so we could add our chemicals. But again we only had good flow for about an hour and a half before having to bump or back wash. We now have the water pretty well cleared up but our filter is still acting the same even after a thorough cleaning of the fingers as well as soaking them in muratic acid for 6 hours.

After put back together and earth added the pressure was like a raging rapid when you start the filter up and after 90 minutes, time to bump the filter. When I went to do it today there was very little resistance when I pulled down to bump it. This seemed strange to me so when I went back to do it the next time, I just shut the filter off for 30 seconds and restarted it without bumping it and it roars like a raging rapid.

Seems to be a lot of air bubbles on top of the water when I re-start the filter. Any help is appreciated. Also, does it build as time goes by? Besides backwashing, have you hosed off the fingers or gave them a chemical soak? We suggest giving DE grids and cartridges a deep cleaning once a year to clear out any gunk clogging the pores. If you have not done this in awhile, your DE fingers may be so gunked up that they can only handle about an hour and a half of work before they need to be bumped.

We just had the pool opened and the pump turns on fine but it only runs the skimmers for about an hour and then they stop. But the pump is still on. Well first, is there enough water in the pool to properly cover the skimmers. Also when the skimmers stop, is there water in the pump or is there a large air bubble? Does it spike, take a dive or stay constant? We just dug our pump system down a bit to help it run better according to our local pool lady. We had a torrential rain tonight, and the dug down area held water.

When I went out to check the pump was not running but still plugged in. Do we stand a chance of getting this pump to run again once it dries out? Do you have any advice on what we can do to help it? It may run again, only time will tell. Let the motor dry out and make sure you have it on a GFCI. I have obvious DE in my pool. Should I turn off the pool pump until my pool service can fix the source of the problem? DE powder is not abrasive, and should not affect your pool surface. Outside of giving your pool a murky look and being a sign of damaged filter equipment, it should not pose much harm suspended in your pool water.

I have sand in my above ground pool can I vacuum it out through my pool filter or will it tear up the pump if I can should I use wast out or filter. In-between backwashes, as the filter pressure increases near to when a backwash would occur, I am getting a considerable amount of larger debris passing through the filter and completely clogging up the intake screen of the 5 port valve.

This stops the cleaning process and I have to clean the screen frequently until I backwash. This only seems to happen when the filter pressure approaches 30psi, which is the point where I would normally backwash the system. I do not have any noticeable DE in the pool and the water is normally beautifully clear.

I have a new multi port valve on a filter that we purchased less than two years ago. Water is leaking out the backwash hose while in filter mode. I have checked the spider gasket and it looks perfectly fine. I even switched the top of the multi port valve with the new system to try to help with the water flowing. It helped for a short while, but then started to leak out again. The strange part is that it starts off dry, starts to leak out slowly, and then is about halfway out the hose.

It is draining my pool repeatedly and is very frustrating! Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Would the shaft seal problem be the cause of the high pressure? Or is it something else? A leaky shaft seal is not going to cause a build of pressure. It is more likely that your filter needs a cleaning.

But that shaft seal needs replacing as quick as possible to prevent further damage to your motor. We just put up a pool we just bought off someone and I need sand for the sand filter and got to get a few new pieces for the sand filter can I still hook up the pump and not the sand filter to run it for a day to just circulate the water and shock it. Hi, how can I tell if my pump is bad? The return is pumping water to the pool like always. All baskets are cleaned out.

The gage is reading 15… I did notice it spit algae out as soon as I turned it on today? Read this guide, and watch the video for help: How to Clean a Green Pool? I have a 1, gph cartridge filter that I unplugged to clean the cartridge. After I put the cartridge back in and the lid back on I plugged the filter in without clearing the air out first and it did not turn on. Any thoughts or suggestions?

It worked fine until I unplugged it to clean the cartridge. I have an intex pool pump and my son lifted it up so I can cut some grass underneath the tubing…. Thanks for being there. Had a thunderstorm and hard rain and have learned to have the pool running then as it aids in keeping chemistry and circulation correct.

I came out the next morning and the pool had not only dropped inches vinyl in-ground but the pump was starving obviosly for water. I had a local pool company come out and the tech says he thought it was the pump and it was shot. I ordered a new one which will be here in a week but have no way to keep the pool chemistry correct while I wait. How can I keep the pool from going green, I also suspect that a pipe leak may have happened as I found no water leak at the main pump, filter or heater area and when I had refilled it that first time it lost no water until the filtration system was running.

Without the filter running water level holds.

Have someone coming out for that also to test pressure in pipes, But all of these things take days to happen and the pool is going green quick, any ideas? Can I dissolve shock and just pour into pool? We actually have an article that covers this topic, have a look: I added chlorine tablets this morning to my hayward chlorinator and now its leaking.

Found the o ring to be loose so got replacement. However the leaking appears to be coming from the retainer nut on top of the lid. Guess i need to replace this too? Is it ok to allow pump to run when its leaking so bad? If the part is a thing you can grab locally, then I would suggest just not running the pump until you can pick it up. Not running the pump for a day will not cause too much havoc with your water chemistry.

Hi, I have to replace my hayward above ground pump. It is attached to a HE filter. Do I need to empty the filter out before replacing the pump? I would use the air relief, to release pressure in the system before removing any piping. My pool heater caught on fire and burnt up the plumbing so I disconnected my heater, replumbed the PVC, and main pump is now running fine gain.

The booster pump motor turns on and sounds normal but is not pushing water to run the robotic pool cleaner. I made sure all the filters, baskets were clean. My next step was to make sure the impeller was not affected by the heat or debris that may be lodged. I would definitely check the impeller, first, but then I would check the hoses feeding the pump. Just to make sure the inside of the hose has been clogged or melted internally. Impeller looked to be in good condition and spun without resistance. The incoming water hose had water coming out when main pump is turned on.

I blew air into the outgoing hose and bubbles came out into the pool. I cleaned, resealed, and reassembled the booster pump. The shaft is spinning when booster pump is turned on. Still no pressure when booster pump is on. The cleaner may be receiving enough water but the paddle wheel or water management system has failed. I am afraid of it over time clogging the drain and turning hard like cement. I think you are describing channel drains that are built into your deck, right?

If you are concerned about clogging these drains, cleans the cartridges over a patch of grass or driveway. Some time over night the pool water fell below the skimmer. The filter comes on at 8 PM so it may have been running for up to 12 hours without water. I knew it was low but thought I had turned the filters off until I could monitor adding water but forgot about the timer kicking back on. Do I just turn it back on or should I do something to remove the air or check for heat damage? Recently divorced and clueless about what to do now. At this point, you just need to figure out if it turns on.

Flip the switch, see if it turns over and runs. But I would prime the pump with a hose before to prevent it from running dry for any longer than it already has. Our pump basket had a lot of debris in it and the water in the basket was at about half way. Can you give me a direction to go in to figure out what the problem is? First, what type of motor is it? I live in Wisconsin. We usually close up the above ground pool in early October. I am sure I am done with the pool already for this season.

Your best shot in keeping it somewhat clean is to get a cover that blocks the sunlight completely. This will help inhibit algae growth but may not stop it completely. I have a Hayward sand filter and pump. When I vacuum the pump runs out of water within two minutes. I shut it down and start the vacuuming process over.

Checked for leaks through out the system and could not find anything. Have you checked thevacuum hose? Because it sounds like you have a pinhole air leak in one of the hose sections. Check for pinhole leaks by taping or sealing the end of each hose length then submerging the hose. I had to drain my endless pool below the suction outlet in order to repair a leak in the suction pipe going to the pump.

Can I fill just above the suction outlet and run the pump to check to make sure my repair works? The inlet from the return line is about the same level as the skimmer outlet. If you can close the skimmer line either by a diverter valve or a plug you can fill just above the repair point. But you would need to close the skimmer line to prevent your pump from running dry. We installed a brand new motor, same as the last. It burned up in 45 minutes. Can something in the pump be causing this. We had an electrician make sure it was wired properly.

How To Install a Pool Sand Filter

We have spent 1, between pool people when the electrician and still no pool. Just like a car, there is a chance you get a lemon that goes kaput almost as soon at you get it. They are pretty rare though. Was the pump running dry, or was it purely a mechanical issue? We replaced our cartridge at the beginning of the summer and have increasingly been having issues since then.


5 Biggest Pool Pump Mistakes

We were losing suction and had little to no flow back into the pool via the jet. We replaced our houses, O-rings, gaskets and cleaned the pump and filter immensely. I even cleaned out the impeller, and still nothing helped. There were no leaks. This is an above ground pool. After cleaning one time I suggested taking the new cartridge out and running it without it and it suddenly was working perfectly.

We had great water pressure and the pump was suctioning the water again. We put our old cartridge in and it still worked perfectly. You may have a separate switch that operates the pump. Regardless of how your pump connects to the circuit, turning off the breaker ensures the electricity is disconnected and allows you to connect the pump to the filter safely. Slide hose clamps onto each end of your flexible pool hose.

Connect one end of the pool hose to the bottom of the skimmer and the opposite end to the inlet port on your pump. Use a screwdriver to tighten the hose clamps, securing the hose to the skimmer and pump. Connect another hose to the outlet port on your pump. Connect the other end of this hose to the inlet port on your sand filter.

Tighten the hose clamps with the screwdriver. Push the final length of hose over the outlet port on the sand filter. Connect the other end of this hose to the inlet port on the side of your pool. Turn on the above-ground pool pump. Allow the pump to run for about two minutes to remove any impurities from the silica sand in the filter. Turn off the pump.

Turn on the pump to operate the filter and pump normally. If your pump and filter hoses use threaded connectors, wrap thread-seal tape around the male threads on the hoses before attaching them to the pump, filter and pool. Cecilia Harsch has been writing professionally since She writes mainly home improvement, health and travel articles for various online publications.

She has several years of experience in the home-improvement industry, focusing on gardening, and a background in group exercise instruction. Harsch received her Certified Nurses Assistant license in

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